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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote For this review, we head out to the american southwest, to test out the BHK Woodsman by scraping of the thorns from a cactus pad, making a one stick fire and hollowing out the cactus pad to boil some wild water to drink. specs on this tool are 8 /78 overall length, 3 /58 cutting length, 5/32 O1 tool steel, Scandi Grind with Green Micarta scales. Link to Cuervo Negro music: filmed in the El Paso, Texas/New Mexico area, Chihuahuan Desert. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro. Junkyard Fox Video Rating: / 5


  • Junkyard Fox 1 month ago

    Hey guys, a lot of people are interested in the cactus container method, and though that skill is touched upon here, this is mainly a knife review. Here's the link to the video that solely focuses on the cactus container, better quality in every sense of the word, as well.

  • Tasha Williams 1 month ago

    what's the point in covering it? just to put dirty rocks in there?

  • Kennley Exum 1 month ago

    Tell me this isn’t fake bcs I saw bags of supply crap in the background at 12:59

  • Israel Ducoing 1 month ago

    Music totally unnecessary, it's bothering.

  • Tech Gyan 1 month ago

    Where is Bear Grylls

  • Buzz Brew 1 month ago

    Mmmmmmmm nopales con huevos o Chile colorado

  • Anita Daddy 1 month ago

    better yet, just eat the cactus

  • fah yoyo 1 month ago

    i like.

  • Rosas e Borboletas 1 month ago

    Olá boa tarde!!! vim conhecer o seu canal gostei bastante já me inscrevi ativei o sininho :::
    venha conhecer meu canal se gostares deixa a sua inscrição ok bjs!!!!

  • fuddyduddy 1 month ago

    I can imagine the bitter taste from the cactus….

  • Jenny Inn 1 month ago

    Please flatten the inside of your makeshift tongs with your knife by shaving , it should pick up things more easily.

  • Ismael 1 month ago

    Ese es nopal

  • vic to 1 month ago
  • fahmi ab 1 month ago

    Stupied video.. Im loss the time here

  • stephen madl 1 month ago

    Raw prickly pear tastes like cucumber

  • demon hunter107728 1 month ago

    Your in a dessert?? 0_0

  • Skante Warrior 1 month ago

    The music sounds like something bad is about to happen…

  • myownname myownlastname 1 month ago

    I thought the focus was on the cactus but I was wrong, this guy is salivating over his knife.

  • Edgar Avila Cruz 1 month ago

    es un nopal pendejo

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