Added by on 2020-08-19

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  • Infantry Gunner 1 month ago

    Tough girl

  • Whut Now! 1 month ago

    That was awesome

  • jerszak 1 month ago

    Love when ANTIFA gets what's coming to them.

  • JustMaddy42 1 month ago

    i thought it wouldnt hurt but i seen i feel really bad :(((

  • Dogir 1 month ago

    Кто от лайна подписка

  • Miles Falkenstein 1 month ago

    Hey. Wear more clothes maybe. Couldn’t hurt.

  • AriXXX 1 month ago


  • The Russian Federation 1 month ago

    'Least he has a reason to touch her boob

  • okaminess 1 month ago

    2:25 FAIL

  • sam_ hui 1 month ago


  • irene deguzman 1 month ago


  • Laura Jickling 1 month ago

    Why not use your shirt or something to grab em off lol… A twig?

  • Extreme Poptart 1 month ago

    No joke god was with her

  • Extreme Poptart 1 month ago

    I really hope she is ok

  • Littlehorse Reynolds 1 month ago

    That plant will hurt you no doubt. Why wasn't she better dressed for that activity?

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