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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The Thurs., May 5 Biophilia: Pittsburgh meeting featured Phipps staff members Charity Grimes Bauman and Gabe Tilove, who led a discussion on “Addressing Health and Food Security Through Home Vegetable Gardens.” Phipps’ Homegrown program has been working since 2013 to help Homewood residents grow fresh vegetables in their backyards. Home vegetable gardens help families incorporate more fresh produce into their meals at a low cost, engage in a healthy activity in their home environment, and provide an opportunity to build and share gardening skills with family and friends. Homegrown installs raised beds gardens filled with clean soil to overcome soil contamination issues prevalent across urban environments. Beyond the physical infrastructure we provide, we put a strong emphasis on skill building, creating communities of gardeners, and improving a community’s garden resources – all with an eye towards helping residents become confident, self-sufficient gardeners. With over 90 home gardens installed, Homegrown recently completed a professionally assisted program evaluation. Program staff Charity Grimes Bauman and Gabe Tilove provide an overview of the program, share impacts and lessons gleaned from the evaluation, and discuss the decision to take a community-based approach for this program. To learn more about Biophilia: Pittsburgh and get involved, visit Video Rating: / 5

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