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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Boondocking through Arizona – DESERT BAR ROCKS – Full Time RV: Arizona boondocking sites, Arizona boondocking spots, RV boondocking all out west! We had such a great time exploring BLM land throughout Arizona. We were so nervous but thankfully we had great teachers along the way. We also stopped at some amazing Harvest Hosts and a few other places along the way. If you have not become a member of Harvest Hosts check them out! Harvest Hosts offers so many boondocking options which are so much better than Walmart or rest stops! Harvest Host: Use this link: and the code: HHFRIENDS15 to save 15% on your membership. ********** OUR FAVORITE RV GADGETS & GEAR ********** You can see our favorite RV gear on our website gear page: ********** OUR CAMERA GEAR ********** It can be tough to choose camera equipment see what we use to produce our videos on our website gear page: #fulltimeRV #rvlife #fulltimetravel Video Rating: / 5 They reportedly came under fire as they crossed a stretch of land that belongs to a military base. Video Rating: / 5


  • Joe Wills 6 months ago

    love the vids! RERTIRED USN ABEC SOON TO BE RETIRED TRUCK DRIVER! Reseaching motor homes now cant wait….

  • RvDreamin 6 months ago

    great video.

  • M Williams 6 months ago

    Not a quickie!! lmao!!

  • Celia Graham 6 months ago

    We boondocked for the first time this summer on our vacation in a Cabella’s parking lot. It was great for us.

  • Celia Graham 6 months ago

    Do you know any folks who travel with a fifth wheel? We’re planning on buying a fifth wheel.

  • Gina Hernandez 6 months ago

    LOVE YOUR SHOW and those BLOOPERS at the end had me cracking up too..QUICKIE??LOL..Im a newbee at traveling..My first trip was Solvang, Grover Beach & Lake Lopez in 4 days, last year, it was hilarious what 3 girls can do on a trip and not know anything except take food, your clothes & gas up..LOL.but we figured it all out and we had a great time and laughed at our mistakes..Love U guys, Gina from California#LoveMyJamboree#justStartedGoingPlaces#UtahWasBeautifulAUG2018#BetterLateThanNever,I'm 68! Retired!

  • Jack McGonegal 6 months ago

    I showed my wife this one, and I think the wine part might be sealing the deal about getting a rig. BZ on the episode.

  • PK in TN 6 months ago

    We love Booning, prefer that, believe it or not. Feels more like being out there.

  • Mrs Smith 6 months ago

    My husband will be so happy to find out that fanny packs are making a come back!

  • Vicky Suiker 6 months ago

    Watching your programs and backing up the rv. What we learned, if you are not already doing this, is to get some inexpensive walkie talkies. Driver and person on the ground can communicate with each other without talking loudly or yelling. It made this so much easier.

  • B Mechanic 6 months ago

    hi. I am bill, love your show. you will not see me, I am not going on the road, to lazy to do all that stuff. but I will watch you having fun.

  • Formaldehyde007 6 months ago

    You need to watch out with those extreme close-ups lol.

    Like your videos. I have watched a lot of them.

  • chris jardine 6 months ago

    We love boondocking in Quartzsite, but our limit is about 10 to 14 days and we like the far west area in the Dome Rock BLM area. We like this area as there is great hiking and lots of trails to Mountain Bike on. Plus Quartzsite is just a very unique and eclectic place that is tough to describe but definitely needs to be experienced. But we too were disappointed in the big tent for most of the same reasons you expressed.

  • Paul Erick 6 months ago

    We are not full time YET, but a Question: do campgrounds / RV parks offer overnite dry camping/parking? I can not find info on this.

  • Sheree Blume 6 months ago

    This may seem like a dumb question to you but what is BLM land?

  • Bob Shaw 6 months ago

    Did you put up the four different time zone clocks or did Ruby come with them ?

  • T. David Stone 6 months ago

    Hey guys, just spent 3 months in Casa Grande, AZ and did NOT know of the winery in Florence! Will be back in October and check it out…..

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