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  • Frank Fielder 5 years ago

    No. That was Bishop’s Cap. Its not illegal and is available for sale on
    Internet sites like Bouncing Bear. Its often confused with Peyote which is
    Lophophora williamsii. You can bet that you will NOT find Peyote growing in
    this botanical garden or the owner could be fined or even shut down. An
    exception is made for the Ceremonial use by the Native American Church.
    Please see Wikipedia article on Peyote for more information.

  • Frank Fielder 5 years ago

    Are you sure they aren’t Bishop’s cap cacti? Although I assume since you
    are part Indian you know the difference.

  • Carl Hendershot 5 years ago

    Me being the partial Indian that I am can find them all over the AZ =).
    They are everywhere even in gardens in plain sight. Its funny that you
    mentioned this because I found some in front of the Maricopa County
    Sheriff’s Office.

  • Carl Hendershot 5 years ago

    They are not Peyote.

  • hayley janet 5 years ago

    I was there just last week!

  • Carl Hendershot 5 years ago

    Wifey says they are Mexican like you.. Weren’t those the hallucinogenic
    cactus when she said that. “Peyote”. =)

  • AZstarwatcher 5 years ago

    Did you know it’s illegal to own a peyote? I tried to buy one and the
    person’s like “you can’t find them for sale”. Awkward. I didn’t know.

  • Carl Hendershot 5 years ago

    I was joking. I know what it looks like only because its wild around my

  • Carl Hendershot 5 years ago

    me gusta =).. Thank you for sharing.

  • Amy Michelle Mosier 5 years ago