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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I was encouraged to go visit the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens in Sweden while en route to my trip to Asia on account that my friend, Andrew, said it was one of the most beautiful botanic gardens he’s ever been too. Well, that is quite the recommendation! It was raining on-and-off while we were there in autumn, but we did get a chance to see some of the fall landscape, tour the subtropical and tropical houses, the orchid house, the private Dionysia collection, and even the propagation and succulent house. This will be the first video of a three-part series and this first part is very meditative—so sit back, relax, and enjoy! Please keep in mind that this film was done pre-coronavirus, so wearing masks and staying a ‘safe’ distance was not required, but thank you to all who express concern. __ “Plant One On Me” is a channel produced by Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn that is primarily focused on houseplants and outdoor gardening. Our mission with the channel is to bring people closer to plants by bringing plants closer to them through engaging, entertaining, and educational content. If you enjoy the content and want to support the channel, you can do so by becoming a Sustaining Member for as little as /month: Write your questions and suggestions in the comments below the videos and on Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn #PlantOneOnMe. ——————————– 😎 COOL STUFF ↴ ——————————– ➨ Become a houseplant guru with the Houseplant Masterclass: ➨ Get the 125 Houseplant Care Spreadsheet and the Houseplant Care Tracker™: ➨ Order “How to Make a Plant Love You” the book: ➨ Homestead Brooklyn Shop: ➨ See my Houseplant Picks and Storefront (with affiliate codes) And want to be […]


  • jamesonjr balmes 2 weeks ago


  • Brandon Fear 2 weeks ago

    The Original "Midwest Plant BST"

    I wanted to share this Facebook group if you live in the Midwest, where you can buy sell trade and connect with local plant lovers. Ask questions about plants or post an ISO (in search of) to find your dream plant!

  • Manuel De Leon 2 weeks ago

    Super amazing plants.. I really love tiny plants like that.. The owner have really passion to take care of them.. Thank for sharing of this wonderful plants..

  • Ahmed Warraich 2 weeks ago

    i live in qatar where there's a native mangrove forest and they really love salt water!! 🙂

  • Dominika Maria 2 weeks ago

    Hey, i am an Erasmus Student in Göteborg and i literally moved across the Botanical Garden a week after this video launched!!! If i go behind my student housing i see it from the rocks up and it's a place i go with friends or for walks frequently…as it's the closest green we have… how lucky! And you are my favorite plantuber….

  • Juley Phillips 2 weeks ago

    That plant in the glass we have it here in Guyana SA it very dangerous if you touch it its stings and hurts very much..I enjoy the tour very interesting plants thank you summer

  • Mar Bon TV 2 weeks ago

    Wow ! From PH to sweden, It is really worth watching these all varieties of plants and flowers ! Love this video ! I really love plants ❤

  • Ather Ather 2 weeks ago

    Very nice.

  • JOYITA SEN DAS 2 weeks ago

    Love love love only plants all around the world, Summer, please come to India, you will enjoy the Orchid gardens here , it's world famous, in northeast India , lots of respect from a plant lover in India

  • Phyllis Mccouid 2 weeks ago

    what a very interesting video I wish I could of been there

  • Sophie Kresin 2 weeks ago

    Wear a mask next time

  • PoOkay Rai 2 weeks ago

    I have seen many new ones loved this video

  • Jessica Villamor 2 weeks ago

    Wish to see it personally!

  • Jessica Villamor 2 weeks ago

    Just like forest in the city! Love it so much!

  • Vidya Reddy 2 weeks ago

    This was therapeutic. ❤

  • Adrian Tomo 2 weeks ago

    this is the first summer rayne oakes video I've seen, that i also shared with my girlfriend :') and i am a fan ever since

  • Greatflower 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for sharing those brilliant tips! Watching from China,keep going

  • Naked Ireland 2 weeks ago

    Check out Belfast Botanic Gardens here with its wonderful Palm House.

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