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Hey guys! I wanted to share a good ‘go-to’ plant palette for full sun! These plants are super hardy, have similar watering requirements, and balance each other nicely in height, color and texture variation. Use this plant combo in a landscape where a lush, yet drought tolerant theme is needed. From a stylistic standpoint, these plants can work well with nearly any architectural style…modern, ranch, craftsman, Spanish, etc.

Here’s what this great plant combo includes:

Dodonaea purpurea – Purple Hop Bush
Beautiful background shrub for screening and privacy. Bronzy tones with an upright columnar growth.

Rosmarinus officinalis – Rosemary.
Background/mid ground shrub with culinary uses. Upright and rigid. Super hardy!

Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ – Hot Lips Sage.
Unique and eye-catching plant with two-toned flowers and delicate stems. Background/mid ground.

Agave attenuata – Foxtail Agave
Bold and beautiful with lime green foliage…and a monster flower!

Westringia ‘Limelight’ – Variegated Coast Rosemary
Fantastic middleground shrub with tight, variegated foliage.

Dianella ‘Casa Blue’ – Flax Lily
Beautiful blue-toned grasslike plant for accenting. And a nice dainty blue flower!

Festuca glauca – Blue Fescue
Small tufted grass with blue-green, finely textured foliage.

Aeonium atropurpureum – Purple Aeonium
Multi-toned upright stemmed succulent. Bold and colorful!

Crassula ‘Campfire’ – Campfire Crassula
Ridiculously amazing sprawling succulent that will add an amazing fiery tone to your landscape.

Senecio serpens – Blue Chalksticks
A fantastic ground covering succulent with light blue upright ‘finger-like’ foliage.

Feel free to add and subtract as desired to make this palette your own. Hope this helps guys!

Happy Planting!


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