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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] World’s Most Spectacular Plants Episode 11 of 14 Cacti and succulents can grow in the driest corners of our world… where it may not rain for years at a time. Many survive through amazing adaptations. From giant saguaro catci to Euphorbia with deadly sap. The window plant (that has transparent leaves), to the pebble plant (which has leaves that mimic stones). In this film, follow Stewart McPherson on a journey to discover the world’s most unusual cacti and succulents that you can grow at home. We’ll uncover the secrets behind rainbow cacti, spiral cacti and even cacti shaped like brains! This is the eleventh of a series of fourteen “World’s Most Spectacular Plants” videos. Visit to see the rest of the series! Video Rating: / 5


  • Robert Le 7 months ago

    Home Depot sells painted cacti. Even if you buy a dead one, they look spectacular!

  • mzakri 7 months ago

    thank you for this informative video

  • iddybiddyladybug Leeza 7 months ago

    I heard some of these cactus aren’t doing well in Arizona & California’s Joshua trees

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