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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote For those who don’t get it. There’s a fursuit company called “Don’t hug cacti” and I just wanted to make that into a joke. This was gonna be part of a mini series called “Sunday morning skits” for twitter only. But since I don’t have enough time to work on the series, I decide to release the videos on YouTube just for you guys. I hope you enjoy them.


  • Dream Days 5 months ago

    It's a prickly pear

  • Ramii ortega 5 months ago


  • BorisThe Bear_ 5 months ago

    stupid wolf XD

  • Cind Fugmann The Pegasus 5 months ago


  • Cerment da Doggo 5 months ago

    I can do what I want

    screams a lot

  • Balu The Drax 5 months ago

    This was cute tbh 🙂

  • Joyful Vision 5 months ago

    When a four year old makes a mistake and after their parents told them to not to do what they did

  • ajbudderchica 5 months ago


  • Majira Strawberry 5 months ago

    Fucking MEME!

  • Sparky Shepherd 5 months ago

    Best skit ever!!!!✔

  • kibawolflve124 5 months ago

    now i want see on dont hug catci's facebook XD #rip al the wolf

  • Skye Renard 5 months ago


  • Okami No Heishi 5 months ago

    Bio, you are cool, Brother!

  • Sunny Dingo 5 months ago

    Alright, important safety tip. Thanks, Egon. 🙂

  • Zushido Foxsky 5 months ago

    0:34 at thus moment Al knew…. he fucked up

  • Aidan Holloway 5 months ago

    I was dieing from laughing cuz my friend saw this over my shoulder and just walked away with the most shocked face I've seen on him

  • alex fallenangel 5 months ago

    I would hug a cactus

  • joshua2372 5 months ago

    And from this point forward the the cacti was loved. The cacti went on to find his purpose in life. Knowing that out there somewhere someone might hug him again one day.

  • NeonFluff 5 months ago

    Don't hug cacti's reviews are actually really negative, ranging from the head being too small, or them just being rude to their commissioners. This is so accurate, I can't believe it. Don't hug cacti, because they're all a bunch of pricks!

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