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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This collection may very well be one of the most extensive in Melbourne and this short video is but a glimpse of the magnificent plants grown here. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Please Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter In this video I ….CONTINUE…

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  • Metal8Lover 6 years ago

    welp at least you know heshe will never get robbed…?

  • featheredfan 6 years ago

    Great, now can you give us a nugget? Can you please put some information
    into the description information about the master gardener? Can you add in
    some location details or contact information? How do we go about annoying
    this genus? What if we suddenly dropped by for a visit or called them to
    complain about our root-rot?

  • CSSAustralia 6 years ago

    There is one large house full and then two smaller houses also full plus
    many plants outside. The variety of both cactus and succulents is mind
    blowing for a private collection but as many collectors will know when you
    enjoy the diversity of these plants you do tend to accumulate a lot over
    the years. What you see here represents a lifetime of collecting, breeding,
    seed raising and growing. And yes I agree that they’ve done a great job
    keeping these plants healthy.

  • featheredfan 6 years ago

    Wow, that is a lot of plants! Some of it looks very crowded, but they are
    all healthy. How many greenhouses did they fill up? Thanks

  • heartfullofhappiness 6 years ago

    Here is a short vid of my new Cacti purchases 🙂 XXXX <3?

  • Jared Macias 6 years ago

    Your videos are so cool! I’m about to go get my girlfriend her first cacti
    plant cause she starting to get in too this and I want to let her know that
    I care about her hobby too:) cheers from North Carolina and Mexico!:) btw I
    remember my grandmother in Mexico having a huge cacti plant collection.?

  • The9LADIES 6 years ago

    Brilliant Lyn ! …We had no idea whatsoever of that practice…sticking
    fake flowers on !! …Must contravene the descriptions act somewhere 😀

  • cactusman2100 6 years ago

    nice cactus you bought I have that feel before >?

  • ImAlwaysR1ght 6 years ago

    Did they give you a pot for the other cactus??

  • happybuddyperson 6 years ago

    So even where you are, people try to sell spray painted succulents? Where I
    live they do not sell at all.?

  • cathy patman 6 years ago

    Lyn, did you repot the large Cactus? I loved the orange flowers on the
    little guy.?

  • Scudo Camper 6 years ago

    What you buying now? lol not another Cati? lol xxx?

  • MissWoessie 6 years ago

    Congrats on your new “babies”! Oh wow…they put fake flowers on them?!
    Doesn’t that effect them in the end? I mean, if they glue them on, that
    can’t be good for the plants….. Much love from the Netherlands XXX?

  • featheredfan 6 years ago

    I’m glad that you were able to find some real flowers there! The Barrel
    Cactus looks like a Golden Powder Puff Cactus, Parodia chrysacanthion. The
    dark orange coloration of the petals seems a little odd and I may have it
    mixed it up or it could be a special cultivar. The Prickly Pear looks a
    little bit like Opuntia tomentosa, but I’m not sure. If that’s correct,
    you will need a much bigger pot and possibly a larger greenhouse too, haha!

  • Nancy Mumpton 6 years ago

    I’m sure you know that, although the Opuntia does not have spines, it does
    have glochids that are very unpleasant if you get them stuck in your skin.
    I use masking tape to remove them–just in case you do get some. The
    glochids are hard to avoid! I love Opuntias and grow them outdoors here in
    Phoenix, Arizona.?

  • funkbrutha 6 years ago

    Vengaboys playing in the background! 🙂 I didn

  • lord snake Hernandez 6 years ago

    you are too cute!
    love your collection?

  • Harimblade 6 years ago

    Awesome! I laugh at the poor little one that didn’t even have a pot. My
    first experience with the fake, glued on flowers happened with an old lady
    cactus (with all of the white “hair”). The fake red flower stained red
    coloring down the side. I ended up trimming the white hair to remove the
    glue. Now, the old lady has a little bit of a bald spot to mark the event.
    When I looked closely at the store pot, it actual had fine print that
    declared the plant had been “enhanced”. I guess we all need to learn what
    the word “enhanced” really means. :-D?

  • ProjectPitaya 6 years ago

    LOL, I’ve kind of said that saying too, “there is always room for one more

  • Farawayfly 6 years ago

    Cacti Saviour extraordinaire! Beautiful Opuntia! So glad it will be in your
    lovely home!!?

  • janari rahu 6 years ago

    Wow that a nice cacti good luck growing it :)?

  • screamengine 6 years ago

    That is one hugggeee CAC! LOL
    Good on ya for saving the homeless one! :)?

  • Kitty the Dreamer 6 years ago

    You deserve it lady! :)?

  • Gayoon Moon 6 years ago

    Hello, Nice buys! I bought two cacti in Cork with fake flowers on them,
    which I thought were real at the time, oops. I removed the flowers that
    were stuck into one cactus on little sticks and the holes eventually closed
    up, but the other had the flowers glued on. They’re doing well now, I’ve
    repotted them twice. I feel sorry for tiny little cacti I see in stores and
    buy them 😛 ?

  • DreamWizard9 6 years ago

    I wish I was a cactus!

  • The Oak & The Mystic 6 years ago

    ????? Too bad I watched that… LOL, I see a new addiction coming on! So
    people talk of feeling crystal energy, I wonder, do you feel energies from
    your cacti? Thanks for sharing, I hope y’all have an amazing weekend!?

  • Cleopatra Rojas 6 years ago

    Hi Lynn! Wow what unusual cacti. So sad about the neglect of the other
    plants though. Why is it that so many “garden center stores” neglect the
    one thing they should be honoring? And fake flowers? That breaks my heart.
    Glad you indulged though and even gladder that you shared it with us. Nice
    video – ciao, ciao Jacli?

  • Julian Benton 6 years ago
  • Kitty the Dreamer 6 years ago

    You deserve it lady! :)?