Cacti and succulents as gifts and wedding gifts!

We got married recently and gave small potted cacti and succulents as wedding gifts. They are very cool, cute, and popular indoor plant gifts, so I think I will pass on this idea! In this video, I will learn why I think they are an excellent idea for low maintenance and easy plant display, some cacti and succulent care and watering tips, and how to pot them or reinstall them into stylish flowers Some suggestions for ceramic flower pots or terracotta bowls. I will soon look at how to grow a few different cacti, succulents and other small indoor plants in a small bowl to give you an extra tip-they always look better when planted in odd numbers! Check out all the links mentioned in the video below… Buy your own 10 packs of mixed cool and cheap cacti: We got our custom flower pots from here: My brother Henry Lowther’s amazing wedding photography website: Elizabeth Rose is brilliant Recommended wedding photographer: some ceramic pot ideas: cacti and succulent potted plant ideas 0:00-introduction 0:42-where to get personalized/custom flower pots 1:09-where to buy small cacti and succulents as gifts 1:41-Why cacti make great houseplant gifts 2:20-Requirements and tips for the care of cacti and succulents 3:10-How long do you water cacti and succulents in small pots 3:26-How often do you give cacti in winter Water to avoid excessive watering 3:39-Sign your cactus may require watering 4:48-Cacti and succulents are stylish gifts and gifts for anyone! 4:57-Cactus and succulent houseplant pots and potted ideas 6:30-Our amazing and highly recommended Lincolnshire wedding photographer! If you like my content and want to thank you for the price of coffee, then please go to my Ko-fi, we will appreciate any kind donations and will be used to create more exciting content (if you wish, Can also provide hospitality for Max)! ): Thank you, George.


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