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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Recorded on September 3rd, 2016 Noteable plant names in order of appearance: Various mesembs in small terra cotta pots Argyroderma crateriforme Echinopsis NOID – Labeled as Echinopsis Domino species Matucana polzii Sedum treleasei Lapidaria magaretae Argyroderma delaetii Cheridopsis purpurea NOID succulent (maybe a sedum) Crassula ovata variegata Crassula mesembryanthemoides Ferocactus latispinus Corpuscularia lehmannii Opuntia monacantha variegata Astrophytum ornatum Hylocerus undantus (Dragon fruit) NOID succulent NOID succulent NOID succulent (Possibly Kalanchoe thyrsiflora or luciae) NOID succulent Mammilaria plumosa Aeonium haworthii variegata Adenium obesum Music Credit: Silent Partner – “Weekend in the City” Video Rating: / 5


  • Emre Nickname 3 years ago

    At 1:54 it's an Echinopsis subdenudata

  • Baotran's Botanicals 3 years ago

    Ok Martha Stewart, your succulents are even potted in nice white pots!

  • Susana1024 3 years ago

    Love all your plants, Trac and they all look healthy! Great job and thanks a bunch for sharing!!

  • Fran Natura 3 years ago

    belissima colecao ☺☺☺

  • SHARON SHORT 3 years ago

    The displays of your succulents make an unforgettable impression. Thanks for sharing and happy growing.

  • Daniel Park 3 years ago

    Absolutely in love with this Collection <3

  • fifi fifi 3 years ago

    Very nice plants, I am getting into the succulents and I love them :)

  • anna floris di orchids 3 years ago

    Super NICE update, I love your time laps , it was so cool to see it bloom .

  • Indra Yudha Kusuma 3 years ago

    13.00 i think its aome kind of haworthia cymbiformis

  • Arlene Ontiveros 3 years ago

    I love cactus and succulents too…my echinopsis domino ( the same one you have ) bloomed and it was amazing! It was so fragrant too, it filled the whole room. I am now hooked! I love stapelias and adenium as well. Your adenium is very beautiful.

  • Indra Yudha Kusuma 3 years ago

    I have that opuntia Joseph's coat too ..Its milky pink .. I love it

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 3 years ago

    I absolutely ADORE all of your Cacti and Succulents Trac, you have such an INCREDIBLE collection and they are all really healthy looking 🙂 you have your plants so beautifully potted up too, the white square pots they are in are absolutely gorgeous:-) all your Lithops are so amazing too, your variegated Jade is a stunner, and I am in love with your Dragon fruit cactus, and your big Adenium that your Mother grew from seed is BEAUTIFUL 🙂 thanks a million for sharing Trac, I LOVED watching this and seeing all your cacti and succulents 🙂 sending you heaps of love and tons of Succulent power from Ireland and have a wonderful afternoon XXXXX <3

  • Green Crash-test 3 years ago

    What a visual treat. It's like a Beyonce music video : P

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