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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Today we shall start a new series of videos grouped into a playlist called All about Succulents. And In the first video of this series will look into Introduction to Succulents and Cacti, the differences between cacti and succulents, the natural habitats of these plants and also Why succulents are so popular in gardening. Full Playlist: succulents, cactus A succulent is any plant with thick, fleshy water storage organs which can be leaves, stems or their roots. The word succos is derived from latin which means Juice or Sap. Common examples are Aloe vera, Cacti, Crassula species like jade plant and many others. Succulent plants are hardy plants and adapted to survive arid and dry climatic conditions throughout the world and botanically such types of plants are called xerophytes. One Point to Note is Cacti and Succulents are From Different plant families. But In Home gardening these plants are generally termed together as Cacti and Succulents. All Cacti are succulents, BUT not all succulents are cacti. So this is the only catch, otherwise both these groups have similar properties and also similar care tips for both. So, from now on, when I speak about succulents, cacti are also included in the conversation. Well, Now lets talk about The native habitats of succulents are: These are naturally found in Deserts, Mountain tops, Jungles and also Near oceans. Why succulents are Popular Ornamental Plants? – There are over 10,000 species of succulents worldwide – Succulents are about 3% of the flowering plants of the world – They are beautiful and nearly indestructible meaning very easy to grow and drought tolerant plants – that is xerophytes. – Interesting Ornamental plants with a variety of plant shapes, and leaves for home and garden décor. – They […]


  • Shifa Algadrie 1 year ago

    Him: succulents are nearly indestructible

    Me, staring at my dead succulents: okay

  • jerlene molina 1 year ago

    Can you have more succulent videos on an array of topics please?
    Also a video on care+revival of the mandevilla sun parasol plant.
    Love your channel

  • Eileen Pais 1 year ago


  • Eileen Pais 1 year ago

    I live in jamshedpur,India.

  • Eileen Pais 1 year ago

    My jade plant (Crasula)got sunburnt, the leaves have dried up and fallen, is there any chance I can save it. Please help.

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  • TERRACE GARDEN 1 year ago

    wow its amazing video about succulents and cactus i will buy like this aslo thanks for sharing

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  • DotWeb 1 year ago

    Really nice. Will follow this playlist on succulents for more videos.

  • AskA2Z India 1 year ago

    Super useful for beginners on succulent plants.

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