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  • MadonnaDivaMadonna 7 years ago

    I still? love them very much.

  • APEXX RAPIDS 7 years ago

    Hi? my name dom I am really into cacti

  • Amanita phalloides 7 years ago

    0-050:? not bad
    0:51- 2:05 good
    2:06 – 3:00: Amazing!!
    3:01-6:00 Mother of God…

  • lovewoolies 7 years ago

    what do you use as a growing medium and fertilizer? you have some really FAT? specimens there my friend.

  • morgane ganga 7 years ago

    c ‘est un amateur? passion

  • AchumaShire 7 years ago

    @eduardoobregon, The collection has changed a lil over the past year or so. A bit of neglect and thinning down on some species plus moving a heap of them to a new garden. Collection? was started in 2006 and the main garden in the 2011 video was planted in mid 2007.

  • henry kane 7 years ago

    thats a HUGE collection

  • dannisan77 7 years ago

    Cactus collection and a half,? you’ve got a shitload of trichocereus

  • gonzalezsaul 7 years ago

    Loved your inventory! I’d like to do? business with you. Let me know if that might be possible. I’m at