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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Creating a data template to read the Mikrotik CPU Temperature into Cacti network graphing. Video Rating: 0 / 5 – Performed on The Ed Sullivan Show on November 13, 1966. Available on the DVD “Ed Sullivan Presents Topo Gigio and Friends” at Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Dwi Cipta Intermedia CV 5 years ago

    Creating a data template to read the Mikrotik CPU Temperature into Cacti
    network graphing.?

  • lgeo Lore 5 years ago

    Yeah the racism against us is truly unbelievable and sad! The cactus are so
    cute singing Mexican songs so different and wonderful people here in USA
    are getting out of hand with the nasty racism. Not everyone is the same and
    dats the beauty of people. U can’t accept it tham go bak to where ur
    ancestors are truly from. 99 percent of Mexicans have native American blood
    and dats why the culture is soooo different. Mexicans were here throughout
    more than half of USA before it was considered USA as a country. These are
    our lands so either quit ur racism or go bak 2 europe africa or wherever u
    racists came from!?

  • juvenalin 5 years ago

    Amazing,wonderfull,i am from M

  • GRANBESTIA 5 years ago

    me encanta LA MALAGUE

  • Monse Ramirez 5 years ago

    precioso el canto de los cactus, aunque hoy en dia no pasarian por todas
    esas ideoligias del racismo y bla bla Topo Gigio rules!!

  • roquelongue 5 years ago

    Someone should have explained to Ed that the name of the mouse is Top-Oh
    not Toe-Po

  • dhjustin 5 years ago

    hmm never seen singing cactus before, would make for a noisy but musical

  • MrDiamondcut 5 years ago

    I loved Topo more than Mickey back then. What a cute character he was with
    Ed. Thanks for posting so I can show my kids.

  • Lacy Spencer 5 years ago

    Those little feet.. they kill me!

  • fasteddie820 5 years ago

    Ed Sullivan was a big name act but he had no talent like singing, dancing,
    playing a instrument thats why Topo Gigio made that comment to Ed Sullivan.
    This was great animation for the character Topo Gigio for the 60’s I guess
    that’s why it was such a hit.

  • gars129 5 years ago

    He talks like Luigi.

  • HeyRadialMoon 5 years ago

    Hhahahahaha! Topo Gigio totally pwned Ed Sullivan! And HOLY SHIT! I knew I
    had heard that song before! It’s on side “A” of the Tubes debut album!

  • Shaitan Fog 5 years ago

    @qorogh And… no, in fact someone should have explained that the real name
    is Gigio, and Topo really means “mouse”. Then the real name would be Gigio
    Mouse. Charmer than Mickey. Btw, the creator is not Carlos Gallego. Gigio’s
    mother is Maria Perego.

  • Cutester 5 years ago


  • xebec1958 5 years ago

    I love Topo Gigio! Great escape from a bad family. Love you Topo!

  • term3 5 years ago

    si por pobre me desprecias! yo te concedo razon! yo te concedo razon! si
    por pobre me desprecias yo no te ofrezco riquezas te ofrezco mi corazon!

  • striderhiryu2 5 years ago

    esta visto que los mejores compa

  • Angelique Collins 5 years ago

    who did the voice for the mice:)?

  • GRANBESTIA 5 years ago

    Gigio forever

  • Elsa Duke 5 years ago

    Topo gigio reminds me of one of my Co workers cus he’s pink, big eared and
    a short man with a mouse face.

  • lmrs2 5 years ago

    Ayyy !!!! con la edad que tengo, me siento como una ni

  • qorogh 5 years ago

    To roquelongue, you are WRONG. I had my own Topo plastic doll when I was a
    kid. He was THE coolest! The character’s CREATOR himself, Carlos Gallego,
    pronounces his name TOE po GEE jo. Look for a video here, posted by the
    user ID milmascarasdoscaras under the title Topo Gigio. It’s three minutes
    ten seconds long and was posted on October 9, 2007. Then you can tell HIM
    he’s pronouncing the name of his own character wrong. Next time get your
    facts right before posting.

  • mankind89032 5 years ago

    Wow. This is so creative, its scary.

  • blueter56 5 years ago

    I’d love to know who was singing the small cactus. Wonderful! Patty Griffin
    sounds like whoever she is! Topo is a great memory. Goo night Ed dey. Tuck
    me in.

  • steve w 5 years ago

    i remember it in the 60s the topo gigio show,it also starred joe melia.

  • Kingsaliya 5 years ago

    Y cnt do these thing now a days???