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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Get the Greylegs BOOK and other cool rewards at: : I really want to start making these sweet and short videos every wedensday from now on! I just like editing them, watching them and also it gets me practicing watercolour. This week is Kasey Golden’s Cacti girl from her “Draw this in your style” ! She was such a blast to draw! (PS I know I wrote Wednesday wrong again.. I keep doing that! but I had no more time to edit and render, sorry!) Materials: Colerase green pencil Ballpoint pen: BIC Soft Feel Ballpoint Pens Black 3 Pack. Shimcke Horadam watercolours: Lemon Yellow, Pure yellow, Transparent Orange, Purple magenta, Ultramarine finest, Phthalo Blue, Phtalo Green, yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, burnt Umber, Sap Green, Indigo. Faber castell coloured pencils I’m sorry for spamming you with the kickstarter thing.. I’ll only be this month I promise 🙂 Music in the kickstarter video is Brave (instrumental version) by Amarante: Character belongs to: Places you can find me ✮ Portfolio – ✮ Facebook page- ✮ Twitter – ✮ Tumblr – ✮ Instagram – ✮ Deviantart – Video Rating: / 5


  • Nicole Rivera 2 weeks ago

    Boobies 00

  • bread bake 2 weeks ago


  • paranoiaprincess 2 weeks ago

    I think that if this were a contest, you would have been the winner…

  • Asher B 2 weeks ago

    Wait… did you just… use a wet medium… over a ballpoint pen..??? What?? WHATT?!!! And it DIDNT BLEED??!!!! WhaTTT?????!?

    Ok i dont know if this is just a thing that is normal? Or if im just stupid? But evertime i use wet mediums over ballpoint pen it smears everywhere???

  • Audra Hamilton 2 weeks ago

    This was so relaxing to watch!

  • Fuff Bunny 2 weeks ago

    Wonderful handling of colour.

  • Karen Jimenez 2 weeks ago

    She is so beautiful oml ^-^

  • Elena H 2 weeks ago

    Sobbing because this is beautiful and I want to work my way up to being this dang good

  • 雛Tori 2 weeks ago

    I love your art ❤

  • ThisISclickBAIT 2 weeks ago

    Are u swedish?

  • P A P 2 weeks ago

    this is outstanding! very VERY nice!

  • Rachel Hiller 2 weeks ago

    Omg i report now it two innaproprite it show boobs!!111!!! I reooprts now why anybody like this

  • dooldlyloo 2 weeks ago

    This is so beautiful! Hope you keep it up! <3

  • Justin Y. 2 weeks ago

    Which kind of paper do you prefer for watercolor? Cold press or hot press?

  • The Fluff Dragon Fate 2 weeks ago

    So adorable! I like it when people draw nude, but not Lewd art. This video was also quite therapeutic!

  • May May 2 weeks ago

    this is good

  • Alexis Oglesby 2 weeks ago

    YAAAASSSS soooo cute I love the expression and the ant

  • TheFoxyKing 2 weeks ago

    haha, I thought those things in her were nipples
    Oh wait…

  • Dylan Smith 2 weeks ago

    Spectacular. Love this design.

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