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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Have you ever bought a Cacti but doesn’t know its name? This video is all about the compilation of Cacti identify your Cacti WHAT’S THE NAME OF MY Cacti? Learn cactus name learn name of each Cacti name of Cacti colorful Cactus Cacti Download: For info on how you can use ikson music: Support: Get all music here: – Spotify:… – iTunes:… – Soundcloud: DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. NO PHOTOS, MUSIC AND VIDEOS ARE BEING CLAIMED AS OWN. CREDITS GOES TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS. Video Rating: / 5


  • chloe foto 2 weeks ago

    i’ve been trying to find out what type of cactus i have all day it only hit me now after having it for 2+ years i never knew it’s species uhhhh can’t find it anywhere :/

  • its me 2 weeks ago

    I have many cactus i just dicovered the bishop one … I would like to have the Bishop one

  • Calvin Karlo Vargas 2 weeks ago

    19 Opuntia Rufiada Minima 😀

  • Kuki Arshad 2 weeks ago

    waste of time showing all numbers instead of showing plants. I liked the plants.

  • patrick m 2 weeks ago

    thimble cactus

  • Linda Pearson 2 weeks ago

    #26 Rainbow Hedgehog is my favorite catcus. Now I need to find one & buy it 🙂

  • mevikoyunlu 2 weeks ago

    You've mistaken on number 14 It's "Notocactus haselbergii scarlet crown".

  • Glenn Pallast 2 weeks ago

    Bunny Ears and Angel Wings. Easy to share with friends and family, does great in the weird Kentucky weather.

  • TRiGONA iTAMA 2 weeks ago

    Thankz a lot for teaching us : )

  • naz haque 2 weeks ago

    Bishops cap, can't find one. Very unique love texter.

  • Gerardo Díaz Diaz 2 weeks ago


  • Reynaldo Sin 2 weeks ago

    I like the cristata

  • Rekha Jijo 2 weeks ago

    Anyone notice that they missed number 9?

  • Mafiantino Crown 2 weeks ago

    Golden barrel.. Seed pls… Pls..

  • T2 Gudz 2 weeks ago

    very informative, thanks.

  • Rosemarie Escuadra 2 weeks ago

    Educational vid tnks for shring

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