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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is a clip about some of the cacti I have seen in Mexico. Enjoy. Dedicated to all cacti lovers. Video Rating: 4 / 5 The changes that occur during the year for winterhardy cacti kept in an unheated greenhouse. All plants are raised from seed (except for some opuntia’s). Temperature drops below -12 Celsius…

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  • Randy Burns 5 years ago

    How beautiful! There is nothing, nothing at all more beautiful than the
    desert, especially in Mexico. This is a masterpiece.?

  • featheredfan 5 years ago

    Those are great shots of the plants growing in the native habitat. I know
    that this is an old video now. Are you going to upload any more? Thanks?

  • ponciarello79 5 years ago

    what kind of soil do you use??

  • ?_NatochkA_? 5 years ago

    Good video. Thank you.?

  • KAMRAN MAROUFI 5 years ago

    Thats very fantastic and amaizing video.Would you please let me know where
    is your location??

  • Pavel R 5 years ago

    Do you grow your plants in the greenhouse all year round or you move them
    outside in warm months? Nice compact spiny plants you have.?

  • happybuddyperson 5 years ago

    Great video, it gives me some idea of how to treat my baby cacti. Also I
    enjoyed the music, it reminds me of the Ron Burgundy movies.?

  • Andreas 5 years ago

    Winterhardy cacti throughout the year?

  • VERA LUCIA PAIVA D AURIA 5 years ago
  • shatan2 5 years ago

    for sure i would like to know where you get lobivia famatimensis v.
    bonnie… i cant finde it nowere 🙁
    if you would like to share info with i would be appreciative so
    mail is :

  • MrSPekin- Kem 5 years ago

    ?? ? ?? ?? ?????? ???????????!!!?

  • DRCEVNL 5 years ago

    Probably indeed root mealy bug. Yes you can a pesticede but if not
    nessecary we dont want to use that. Since i am using pure minral soil (in
    my case flugsand a kinfd of lava sand) i i havent seen any mealy bugs on
    the roots.

  • Fireblader137 5 years ago

    very nice! Because its not unusal to cultivate cacti only for this
    conditions- below -12


    Achei tudo muinto lindo, gostaria de saber quantas vezes devo regar, os
    cactos,e como plantar sementes, j

  • DRCEVNL 5 years ago

    Don’t understand everything so i don;t know where and when the fungi turn
    up and what species you have gieven a try

  • momovomo 5 years ago

    Super awesome! Have you given us a tour video of all of it? Because I’d
    love to see!:)

  • DRCEVNL 5 years ago

    Thank you for your reaction. I get what you mean, you are on the extreme
    hardy part of cacti. The definition of winterhardy is not very scientific.
    The plants shown will tolerate cold temperatures without snow coverage for
    a longer period even with a lot of humidity in the air. It’s all these
    factors that count. Winterhardy below -20 Celsius, without snow in a lot of
    rain requires another selection of cacti.

  • cactusman2100 5 years ago

    very nice and thanks please i have a question what type of soil and did you
    fed your cactus my cactus have no flower any thing make cactus flower
    thanks for your time

  • DRCEVNL 5 years ago

    It is not all, but it is difficult to show everything. I may come up with
    some vids on specific groups of plants like sclero and pediocactus.

  • ScipioAfricanus100 5 years ago

    Can you please make a list of the plants shown in this video? I think most
    viewers would really appreciate it. Also I’d like to test some of these
    plants myself but don’t recognise them all. Very nice collection and thanks
    for the video!

  • DRCEVNL 5 years ago

    Soil is not that important as long as it is pretty loosely (but i am using
    flugsand). Cacti need a rest period and during that time lower
    temperatures, keep them dry at that time. They all want lots of light and
    fresh air. Use a fertilezer like Albatros Hydro 7-17-35-3 (N-P-K-Mg). For
    very ‘green’ fast growing cacti add some extra N.

  • cactusman2100 5 years ago

    Hi I have a disease in cacti and specifically on roots and I think the
    disease is mely bug which white patches How do I get rid of them whether
    throw the soil and replace it with a chemical pesticide used