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  • luke harding 1 year ago

    Oli White would hate this race

  • HaydosPlays 1 year ago

    2:36 look at Vik…

  • Leon Tootell 1 year ago

    what's the difference between ea and tennis? Tennis have a better server

  • Brendan Carter 1 year ago

    I swear their re spawn button works ten times faster than mine! Lol!

  • Denza Jong 1 year ago

    I have never missed an episode of this after I knew the sidemen

  • Demoqz 1 year ago

    BJ = Building Jumper

  • jason karidis 1 year ago

    Use are all fucking sick kunts. Just keep doing what use doing. Cos u are doing a fucking killah job. #ifuckingloveuseall#sidemenFL

  • Max Robertson 1 year ago

    'Do you have a life?'

    Sits and plays games all day

  • jammers1996yido 1 year ago

    Ethan's a cunt

  • PetayPanMoFo 1 year ago

    HELP Creators and Players we need you!! The content creator is broken meaning no new custom jobs! Snapmatic Protest: Take pictures of creations wearing the MIME PLASTIC FACE mask and tag them with #CreatorsUnite & #GTAnonymous The MIME PLASTIC FACE mask represents the rebellion and we would like everyone in support to WEAR IT UNTIL & ON THE 18th Stay tuned!

  • Bryce McCarty 1 year ago

    They should of got Oli White he would of ate all the cacti.

  • Wilkie_567 1 year ago

    I love ur GTA videos

  • Loco Grasshopper 1 year ago

    Play game of the year : 420 blaze it

  • SmithyLad 1 year ago

    Vick says it's not a half pipe but more like a double quarter… Even though they are the same

  • MarvelousGamer123 1 year ago

    Please check my youtube: MarvelousGamer123

  • Markus Kõrkjas 1 year ago

    Double quarter-pipe-ologist 😀

  • Lol Its Clay 1 year ago

    I want sloppy ones!

  • retardedphil 1 year ago

    "once one hits it they open up" like your m…sorry

  • Active_c3 1 year ago

    One word oli White

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