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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Install by yum/apt. We build a nicely looking cactus farm in our storage room. ? Roccat Mouse Review: ? Ghast Turret: ? T…

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  • Gabriel Holder 7 years ago

    Did all this and doesnt? work

  • Gabriel Holder 7 years ago

    Do I have to configure? snmp this way?

  • HaoZZeng 7 years ago

    You’re welcome

  • Joseph Garcia 7 years ago

    great post dude, it work the first time, THANKS !!!!!? 🙂

  • Edward Choquette 7 years ago

    was that a? baby zombie

  • MrMw1998 7 years ago

    Thanks for the great video as always! Keep? up the great work!

  • Jake Hunter 7 years ago

    sorry posted that before he told? why

  • Jake Hunter 7 years ago

    Why is there ghast? noises in the backround?

  • GamingCentralHQ 7 years ago

    I wanted to tell you soooooo bad about that hopper flaw, but i knew? you’d figure it out.

  • MrSam1804 7 years ago

    Doc, you did? hopper mistake, in the right cacti farm (first cactus)

  • Oliver Ilien 7 years ago


  • jordanmonaghan8 7 years ago

    Epic? I love you Doc!! 🙂

  • GamingSkuller 7 years ago

    yeh thats? a good idea go do that priest xp thinghie

  • biohazardehmke 7 years ago

    Hey Doc how about to get the prefect Priest for infinite XP-Bottle
    I’d like? to see how it works xD

  • Calibur Spalinger 7 years ago

    In the middle of the sorting system right by the cactus farm u should put a sugar? cane farm!

  • bananaesplosiva 7 years ago

    Right next? to the H. Oh wait you forgot it.

  • traceguy39 7 years ago

    Put string on? your roof. 🙂

  • 1kili2 7 years ago

    sugar cane*?

  • xzturtle2000 7 years ago

    The new? layout is kinda wonky

  • Michael Johnson 7 years ago

    I love the new youtube on phone:D?

  • GroundBlock5 7 years ago

    What’s the point? of doc having that door if he just leaves it open!

  • thesedrawesome 7 years ago

    Doc,? please update your world download. Anyway keep the episodes rolling, their really great. thanks!

  • dyanitepro 7 years ago

    Hey guys I know alot of people will? hate on this, I know.? but hear? me out. I am struggling?? to get subs and i know I only have 7 videos, but i would appreciate it if you could check out my channel and Like and sub if? you like, they are 30fps 1080p videos? on minecraft and cubeworld so far. Thanks ffor your time. but i do feel my videos could gain more they are getting.

  • docm77 7 years ago

    Great idea!? Thanks!!

  • Joao Antonio 7 years ago

    Yeah, it happens to everyone, and plus I’m sure you have a lot going on now before gamescom. Just remember that for every negative or hate comment you receive there are hundreds or thousands of people that are thankful for the entertainment that you provide and that more often than not forget to comment? positively because we are so used to seeing awesome stuff in the World Tour!

    P.S: You can name a ghast Dinnerbone and they will go upside down….hehe just kidding!

  • alex Bro 7 years ago

    Doc you need to re watch the? video to see how many hoppers you miss placed just saying XD

  • Waldemar Lan 7 years ago

    But he said he wanted? to change the water right?

  • Waldemar Lan 7 years ago

    But? he said he wanted to change the water right?