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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote There are more than 2000 species of cacti. Today, you will know about different types of cacti. If you are a beginner cactus this will help you a lot to identify your cactus. Here are 40 names of cacti. 0:01 Pincushion Cactus 0: 10 Copper Spined Echinopsis 0:12 Birds Nest Cactus 0:18 Haku- Jo Cactus 0:23 Silver Arrow/ Mammillaria Melanocentra 0:27 Fishhook Cactus 0:33 Rebutia Muscula 0;38 Gymnocalycium Baldanium 0:41 Echinopsis Multiplex 0:48 Mammillaria Scipssiana 0:50 Angel Wings/ Opuntia 0:56 Echinopsis Mammillosa 1:01 Monkeys Tail/ Echinocereus 1:06 Euphorbia Ritchei 1:11 Mammillaria Microhelia 1:15 Lemon Cactus/ Echinopsis 1:22 Thimble Cactus 1:27 Mammillaria Pectinefera 1: 32 Domino Cactus …and the list goes on. If you love this video please subscribe to the Plants Daily channel:… #plant tutorials #allaboutplants #planting #plants #plantvideos #plantlovers #greenplants Also For more plants inspiration follow me on: Instagram:… Again Thank you for watching my plant videos. Next Video -… Video Rating: / 5


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    Soo beautiful collection..

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    Nice and beautiful plants, I never thought of growing succulents though

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    More Cactus I.D please. Thank you for helping my cactus, i saw 5 cactus named in your videos thank you

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    Wow video is so pretty and wonderful Video with nature It becomes comfortable and healed Best

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    Wow, a lot of types of cacti

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    what some great cacti

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    very beautiful. I have subscribe to channel. Let's developed together. You long into the Phuc Sophic channel.

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    so many kind of cactus

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