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  • diego hernando torres valencia 7 years ago

  • Daniel Santos 7 years ago


  • Julius Riley 7 years ago

    Looks like we found a? hater.

  • Themuffinman488 7 years ago

    stfu? prick

  • sly thompson 7 years ago

    nope LAVA?

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  • Riley Bryant 7 years ago

    You’re fucking retarded

  • 1234567890yawn 7 years ago

    Listen Jay kennedy nobody cares? about you so stop watching his videos and posting random shit SO STOP WATCHING NOVA YOU PIECE OF SHIT sponsored by Everyone in the world. Except you’re mother because she litterly sucked.

  • Dompatchi 7 years ago

    My flashplayer crashed? because of an ad… fuck

  • uberhaxernovarules 7 years ago

    The title should have been? catus defence 😛

  • xNeOnBoMbSaUcEx 7 years ago

    Gimme? that chicken lol

  • Fallord Vladimus 7 years ago

    if you are*?

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  • Buddercup Punch 7 years ago

    nova damn you just really like playing with water don’t? you

  • ForceablePlace 7 years ago

    Your grammar…if you going to troll, at….at? least have decent grammar…

  • brokendrumset 7 years ago

    get it, cactus are pricks? 🙂

  • worldman29isback 7 years ago


  • Tsuki Okami 7 years ago

    um bubbydumplings what are? you talkin about

  • scottlandblowwer 7 years ago

    hey BubbyDumplings i bet he/she just wants to get? attention

  • scottlandblowwer 7 years ago

    why? does every hater have no subscribers or they are Very New?!

  • Tommy Blouin 7 years ago

    check? it this virus*

  • Nunu The Epic Chimera 7 years ago

    hey dude its not called a fucking rant its called a comment so if u got nothing good 2 say about the vid shut the hell up? and go 2 a different vid that u would like

  • 2cool4u424 7 years ago


  • BubbyDumplings 7 years ago

    From? every word you said… I just makes me want to murder you. Also, stop trolling. Your trolling skills SUCK!

  • Maksis Gustavs Auzi? 7 years ago

    @ghyltmw yeah thats what everyones? been saying BTW! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while:

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