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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote If I could live where the cactus grow, I would. For now, I’ll just create a desert in my house! Join me on a tour of all the cacti & Succulents we have! UPDATE! I was told by Cactus Archive (on Etsy) that the first cactus looks more like a myrtillocactus than a Mexican fence post. AND… that soft cactus isn’t growing a baby…. it’s flowering!! And it’s a type of Stapelia cactus. Thanks Cactus Archive!! Alot of these were purchased here: Plant Shop: Some of my favorite items to use while planting/gardening: 1. Hoffman Charcoal: 2. Miracle Grow Potting Mix: 3. Plant Flowering Food: 4. Green Garden Trowel: 5. Sheers: 6. Gloves: 7. MINI TRIPOD STAND: 8. Spray bottles: 9. Doterra pepermint oil:… 10. Dr Bronners Soap: 11. Organic Cactus Soil: 12. Organic Perlite: 13. Watering Can: 14. IKEA terra-cotta planter: 15. Espoma Orgamic Cactus mix: 16. 6-piece Terra Cotta set: 17. Liquid Cactus Food: 18. Fiddle Leaf Fig Food: 19. Mosquito Bits (for fungus gnats): 20. Neem oil (I HATE how this stuff smells but it helps with bug control): 21. Wide mouth mason jars (propagating) : 22. Sand (for my cacti to top off soil): BE SURE to follow along on IG for more daily plant inspo! 🙂 Video Rating: / 5


  • Nanethiel13 1 year ago

    the "cactus" next to your Christmas cactus (that is actually a Thanksgiving cactus, based on the shape of the leaves! 😀 ) is a succulent called Stapelia. You will know exactly which one when it blooms 🙂

  • Becca De La Plants 1 year ago

    love that you just took a piece from your mom's cactus hahaha i do the same thing! I took a piece of my dad's aloe and it's also very happy 🙂

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