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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Had to share an unboxing from @thisdoesn’tsucculent on Instagram! And some updates! Hope you enjoy! 😊 ❤️Emma Video Rating: / 5


  • Janie Harvey 4 months ago

    Love your new cacti! Thanks for sharing where you got everything-it really is helpful! Looking forward to seeing how you pot your new babies!

  • Succulent Hauz 4 months ago

    Those succulents are to die for. Your babies are soo healthy too! New subscriber here!

  • Anel__B 4 months ago

    Do You have any link to buy these plants?

  • Elisa Gonzalez 4 months ago


  • It's Just Judy 4 months ago

    The first 2 Cactus look like a type of ferocactus emoryi..sp? I have a very similar one I will be potting up soon and sharing on my channel. By the way your camera was not blurry to me I don't know why the Yolanda person said it was

  • Debi Hediger 4 months ago

    The birds are pecking it, and making it look bad. I don’t think they are really eating it, but they sure are my baby sedums.

  • The Succulent Greenhouse 4 months ago

    woot woot!! you got the pots!!! I am so glad you got them! Nice cacti Emma!!!

  • Yolanda Rates 4 months ago

    hi, just letting you know your camera wasent focusing right its like blurry n it bothers my vision I don't know if other viewers had the same problem but it did me,,, we have all those cacti in Mexico, there is one that gives a little pinkish chili type and you can eat it it's sweet n sour, plus another one that has bigger spikes we called it satans Claus,

  • washanda washington 4 months ago

    Oh that last one is my FAVORITE grapt. I love that lavender color! I had one that I loved so much, but it died in cold weather…so I thought. Last week I was cleaning out old pots where stuff died, and I found a little 1.5 inch baby that survived! I was so happy! I guess a leaf survived and grew into a little baby!!! I want to buy a couple big ones though. Love ur collection.

  • The Succulent Home 4 months ago

    So pretty tfs. Xoxo

  • Debi Hediger 4 months ago

    The cactus you ordered are SOooo cute! I have a super bum that has a baby, thank goodness. Because the little birds have really been eating on the momma plant and my baby sedums.

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