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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote another adventuresome episode for you today, i took a trip into the deer creek canyon with citizen jay and we walked up a lil mountain(still just in the foot…

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  • Em Light 4 years ago

    cacti widders wrote their songs collectively. Those are Tom’s beats, his
    style: i would know those drumbeats anywhere!

  • 666MAXWELL666 4 years ago

    Old School Widders Rock!!

  • ThePobrecito 4 years ago

    hell yes! miss thoses Widders! 100% V-town Psycho rock holmes!

  • cacti39 4 years ago

    @MotelDrive you sure did. and jd,tom and ryan are the only ones who play it

  • drail64 4 years ago

    these dudes #$%^ rocket

  • Motel Drive 4 years ago

    I wrote this song. – J.D.

  • Stone Tacular 4 years ago

    Lol jay was tryna make this shit sentimental?

  • everydayslike420 4 years ago

    8:44 paul eats shit ha?

  • RH Productions 4 years ago

    paul you crack me up?

  • 420gaming 4 years ago

    that dude looks like walter white hahahahahaa?

  • James Dawson 4 years ago


  • Brett Qual 4 years ago

    Stoner hike. Stoner production. Stoner guy with friends who can do things
    he can’t. Stoner lizard. Stoner cactus. Sweet?

  • king vapor 4 years ago

    Citizen J is awesome !!! Should do more colabs fureal !!!?

  • mike10401 4 years ago

    Nice miata, keep it jdm (y)?

  • Tom Marley 4 years ago

    Great video! I would love to toke up with you guys lol!!?

  • everydayslike420 4 years ago

    21:33 street bikes ripping through the canyon in the background?

  • russky salamander 4 years ago

    i love to see a couple of happy gay guys?

  • gcombes420 4 years ago

    damn colorado is so beautiful ?

  • king vapor 4 years ago

    Citizen J is awesome !!! Should do more colabs fureal !!!?

  • CAF420ALLDAY7 4 years ago

    cool episode tokin

  • Matt Squires 4 years ago

    I love the Paul and Citizen collab! More haha.

  • hechet 4 years ago

    agreed dude!

  • Zac B 4 years ago

    totally woulda baited that lizard in with food, got him baked and if he was
    chill id take him home and buy a terrarium for him/her haha, sick episode
    cheers paul!

  • oldskoolmed420 4 years ago

    waterson, waterson look…there is no baby here tonite….I feel sorry for
    your mother

  • nick c 4 years ago

    anyone who deny’s that a miata is a sport car has never seen them in action
    on a track. they are damn quick, thier so light a big set of brakes can
    slow them down so fast that they can barrel into corners and out break

  • Astro7s 4 years ago

    I like that lizard.

  • Freddy 4 years ago

    @19:25 I was scared that your camera was gonna fall the whole time. Lol

  • djmanteen 4 years ago

    Cool guy, shit cowboy hat

  • todd segel 4 years ago

    i like jay he is probably the best guy to have around so peaceful and happy

  • victor manuel hernandez aceves 4 years ago

    I tokin daily

  • kev06073 4 years ago

    he showed his face!!! lol