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  • anton Vlasjuk 7 years ago

    Like this game various multiballs! I also like the awards in? showdown multiball!

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986 7 years ago

    Really sucks that Xbox 360 gamers can’t even play most of the Pinball Arcade DLC packs! Just as well I switched to PS3, since they’re already up to Pack 12 and I can transfer the whole thing onto Vita for no extra charge. Although it sounds? like I’m being cruel, just remember I too feel bad for the gamers that are missing out!

  • pgkeller1175 7 years ago

    Wow. Totally disagree. I’ve played plenty of the Zen tables but I think their physics feel more like playing with a ping pong ball. Like it really lacks the weight of a real pinball steel ball. While Farsights aren’t perfect, I think it’s the closest to? perfect yet. Almost perfect.

  • TheDabeavis 7 years ago

    They could have had EA, Konami, or 505 games to do so, but they have released pinball games under Crave since 2004-5, so I doubt they could just freely switch off to? another publisher just for TPA.

  • pinballwiz45b 7 years ago

    Erm, make that a few months on Steam.?

  • Macho Fantastico 7 years ago

    Congrats on Steam Greenlight. Took? a while but deserves to be on, great game. Can’t wait.

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986 7 years ago

    Cactus Canyon is one of my favourite new additions? in Pinball Arcade! Though I can’t really say Central Park has aged too well thanks to it’s kinda unfair difficultly, no thanks to it’s tiny flippers.

  • ktFoxtail 7 years ago

    I would pay $100 for? Big Bang Bar dlc. I know it’s Capcom but please Farsight make it happen!

  • ViewtifulJosh388 7 years ago

    Jack*Bot, please!!! Anyway, I hope you guys update the replay sound-effect sometime, because it really doesn’t sound like that, lol. It’s more like if someone hit a piece of wood with a hammer really fast (on the old machines). The one in the game sounds like a group clapping at the same time real fast, lol. Not a real big update, but it would make? it cooler. 🙂

  • Danny McClure 7 years ago

    Gottlieb Haunted? House!!!!!!!!

  • BalianFabisong 7 years ago

    Again,nice realized table, except of the ball physics. Perhaps you could ask Zen if they would sell you their ball physics, if that is possible. Maybe you would have a problem with your honor while doing that, but you would make your customers pleased! You know, they got the ball phisics nearly perfect until now, and you are some years in residue, so give yourself a kick and ask them please. Then? I could play your simulations without unlearning real pinball machines because of different physics.

  • White?Gemini 7 years ago

    EWwww 😛 that looks like the worst table i have ever seen,? i think genie even big shot was ok and worth it? but Central Park id rather stick my head in Tar. in the table notes they could have, first person to shot themselves after first impression 😛 oh well Cactus Canyon will be awesome tho

  • Fuzzyfoot88 7 years ago

    If that’s the case then they openly lie to consumers, myself and others who asked them about? FX2.

  • Bimmy Lee 7 years ago

    that’s like telling me its available for my hotpoint washing? machine – just because it has a lcd display it doesn’t mean you should play games on it?
    all the mobile platforms are inferior compared to console/pc versions.
    that said, i really enjoy this game alot, i know farsight are doing the best they can for more releases – im just getting tired of waiting for something that i will probably never see.

  • Joshua Parker 7 years ago

    it seems the colors are a bit dark, I? hope that gets fixed in the release

  • cottagechskitty 7 years ago

    It’s also on Android and? the Kindle, which many seem to miss

  • ReptilianMedia 7 years ago

    I love mars Attack! I can’t wait for that one to come? out.

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986 7 years ago

    I hope Star Trek: Next Gen and Pack 8 will arrive on PSN soon. I? also look forward to seeing how this game will turn out on the Wii U!

  • RipleYYY 7 years ago

    which is the plateform for making this video !?
    cause there’re visual stutters for sure…

    may be the video conversion ? else, its a pity…?

  • Bimmy Lee 7 years ago

    your be lucky! 🙁
    i really hate these new table pack videos… there just a constant reminder that i aint gonna be able to ever play them unless i dust off my PS3? my xbox is? doomed & id rather die than play this on iOS… sorry for being harsh but come on this game will shine on PC!

  • Robin Mahaffey 7 years ago

    When is it coming out for Kindle Fire?

  • BertTrump 7 years ago

    wiki says

    Central Park Gottlieb 1966 Announced for? Add-On 10

  • Rafie Crocheron 7 years ago

    ….and I personally talk to the reps at Zen EVERYDAY! While you’re correct about FX1 tables not porting, FX2 is most certainly a possibility. Which is why I said PBFX2 Core pack could make it to the PS3. That came from Solitude at Zen! So no? I’m not wrong! If you’re going to post something, make sure you have ALL the facts! Again, NOT even!