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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Growing up in the desert has taught me a lot about cactus! I think I have an interesting perspective and hope you know a little better how to take care of your cactus babies after watching! INSTAGRAM: @DELAPLANTS Cactus Products: Horticultural Charcoal: Pumice: Perlite: Other Accounts I’m loving: My Clean Leaves Knot Dude Julie Nicole Video Rating: / 5


  • Plants and Piggies 1 month ago

    Hi Becca! Thanks for your video. I live in Sydney, Australia. Our weather is similar to yours- maybe? But in summer as well as super hot days, it's humid. Anyway, I cannot grow cacti or succulents indoors, but outside they thrive. I don't know how they survive indoors. And I do the same watering as you.

  • My Clean Leaves 1 month ago

    I love cacti….. so I loved this video! Thanks for sharing!!!

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