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  • AzFlora ENG 1 year ago

    When we have finished this video, we realized that WE MADE A MISTAKE. And this mistake is that our containers were transparent, but they MUST BE DARK (to protect roots from the light). And You should change a solution more often (more oxygen for the roots), or you can use aerator stone connected to an aquarium compressor. So keep it in mind when you will try to cultivate a plant on hydroponics. Good luck!

  • Ron Hobbs 1 year ago

    What is the guy in the video name? I would follow on social media.

  • Augustus Supremum 1 year ago

    Why would anyone grow cacti hydroponically though?

  • vin ng 1 year ago

    I think is not good to plant cactus in water. Become yellowish color. I think cactus is better in less water condition

  • Tiffany ML 1 year ago

    love ur music and great video . what type of fertilizer

  • Fillios Odonoju 1 year ago

    Actually "cacti hydroponics" is an OXYMORON. You would not expect to have a better growing ratio than another placed in a pot, simply because both need the same requirements due to its CAM metabolism. The best approach is to apply surgery and graft the desired species to another with a faster-growing feature if the objective is to accelerate the growth. Therefore the "hydroponics" is useless here and only beneficial for plants with C3 and C4 metabolisms prone to dehydration nonetheless, the empirical attempt is appreciated.

  • Joshy Likey 1 year ago

    Can you make a video on how to pollinate plants like Plumeria, Hoyas, or Echinopsis cacti? Thanks!

  • Uriel 13th 1 year ago

    What kind of soil mix are you using for cactus?

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