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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Do you have a cactus that is overgrown and think that you should take cuttings from it? I say YES, take these cuttings and plant them for yourself to make many more beautiful cacti in your home! The propagation process is very simple with cacti. Everything that is needed will be shown in the video! CACTUS PROPAGATION PLAYLIST! – UPDATE TO THIS CACTUS PROPAGATION – 🌿DON’T CLICK THIS!! – 🌿 *********CONNECT WITH US!********* Find Wisconsin Wonder Garden at Facebook: Instagram: Discord Chat Server! Email: Watch more of Wisconsin Wonder Garden Recent Uploads: Popular Videos: Succulents and Cacti: You can donate to the channel to help with new plants and gardening supplies that help us make new videos! Help Support Us Through Our Affiliate Links! Get your Garden Supplies Here – Indoor Plants on Amazon – Perennial Flowers – Books on GARDENING! – Thank you all so much for watching, be sure to stick around for more great GARDENING ADVENTURES! SUBSCRIBE HERE – Video Rating: / 5


  • Mimosa 8 months ago

    On my channel, I'm talking about the most beautiful cactus in the world

  • wynnii 8 months ago

    Is there an update to how these plants did?

  • Diego Betancourt 8 months ago

    Hey i bought a cactus and i don't know WhAt type of cactus they áre do you have any sort of way for me to contact you to show you?

  • Stepha Holic 8 months ago

    Does this apply for the pentagona cactus as well?

  • Tom Putty 8 months ago

    You need to sharpen that knife, my friend 😉

  • shania pegg 8 months ago

    how did he pick that up with his hands yikes!!!!

  • WildWestRCCrawlers 8 months ago

    So if my cactus has not been wounded and is sprouting what looks like a whole ‘nother cactus out of its head, am I safe to cut it off and root it?

  • Leanna cartwright 8 months ago

    How dry should the cut ends be?
    Like minutes dry?

  • Cactus Caffeine 8 months ago

    That top cut is really small. How is it growing now?

  • Don Gillette 8 months ago

    I've looked all over the place for the "follow up" and it's nowhere to be found.

  • my name is not weird 8 months ago

    My small cactus cutting's bottom is turning black and sinking inside the cactus, what should i do

  • Ryle Machovec 8 months ago

    Wisconsin you say?

  • Ebola OG 8 months ago

    Imma get mah newborn brother to do it

  • Linda Brooks 8 months ago

    I brought a cactus it never as flowered I have had it for years it's a rabbit ears it's growing rather big but no flowers can you tell me what I can do to help flower .

  • Brian Porteous 8 months ago

    Look Ettoliated

  • Plus Ultra Coins 8 months ago

    Looks like it was wounded with a knife…..
    I’m just kidding. Thanks for the video on this. Been wanting to try this.

  • Bev Mitchell 8 months ago

    this was exactly what i needed to know, thanks for sharing! wish me luck!

  • Honey Subs 8 months ago

    0:01 the cactus is trying to get out of the soil

  • Chad Catmull 8 months ago

    ? why is closed captioning in some sort of hindu language not that its a bad thing just can't switch to English caption?

  • THAT ICELANDIC GUY. 8 months ago

    Thank you from sweden ❤

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