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  • Ferro Magnit 6 years ago

    Wow, Joylene! I can hardly imagine how much time and work it took to start
    this garden and maintain it afterwards! Superb!?

  • Driver King 6 years ago

    People should have more cactus gardens because they require no watering
    rain storms is enough water to sustain it.?

  • ????????? ????????? 6 years ago

    What is name this song? Please/?

  • SUM1SLY83 6 years ago

    Look’s like that garden wants to hurt you lol.
    I would hate to buy a house with a garden like that, could you imagine
    trying to clear it, if you didn’t like cactus, it’s like someone’s worst

  • Terrance Gregory 6 years ago

    Simply Magnificent. Yes indeed.Yes indeed.?

  • DynamoDylan 6 years ago

    I should plant a catcus gaarden, Definatly keeps the kids away

  • CSSAustralia 6 years ago

    Many cacti respond very well when they are watered during the warmer
    months.? They don’t need to be watered but they often respond well when
    they are. Just remember do not allow their roots to stay wet for long
    periods of time.

  • Joan Ols 6 years ago

    Do you water these?

  • Joan Ols 6 years ago

    Thanks Jolene. It’s been on the cool side here so I’m not watering them
    much. I have a lavender round Crusulla I think, I am still new at this and
    dont want to take time rite not to look in my files I have started on catci
    and succulents I have bought. But, on this one and a very lite blue one the
    underneath leaves are drying up. At first I had them in the sun then I
    moved them to shade and now i have them on short table along a open scallop
    short brick wall where they now get filtered sun.

  • McQueenFilms 6 years ago

    Incredible! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • gdorris2 6 years ago

    Beautiful video and the gardens are just amazing! Joylene, you must be very

  • headlightguy 6 years ago

    amazing collection

  • cjpwi 6 years ago

    Impressive garden. Beautiful specimens. Thank you for sharing.

  • David Cordova 6 years ago


  • David Cordova 6 years ago


  • Reverend Bigturd 6 years ago

    I wish I could grow my cactus outdoors like this! Your garden is a cactus