| Cactus Fashion Week | November 25 | Virtual Fashion Shows and Events |

The 4th round of Cactus Fashion Week, on the 25th Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to invite you to participate in the 4th round of the “Cactus Fashion Week” event, which lasts only one week, and is accompanied by various specific activities and activities, creating a 360 Fashion and entertainment activities. * Fashion: The first part of the event, the fashion show will be held over three days, lasting several hours a day. The fashion show is a brand new initiative and a brand new concept, and we have found that it sets us apart from all existing shopping activities. We have selected 27 bloggers and models of different genders to design and display the designer’s work. They will make a unique costume and show it on the blog and show it on our fashion show customized for the event. All our bloggers and models have 1,000 to 7,000 followers on their Instagram and other social media platforms. Provide excellent marketing plans for designers and suppliers. Application website on November 25: www.cactusjacksl.com-PS: By phone, in front of the homepage, click Cacti and scroll to apply. Cacti Video Maker @sl.cactusjack: @farivibin Cacti Landscaper: @zaker.sl Cacti Manager: @kimani.sl Cacti Co-CEO: @falestinsl Cacti Communications: @sageabsinthe Concept Instagram Contact us anytime: SL.cacti Email: Cactionlinesl @gmail.com supports second life accounts: cactionline #sl #slavi #slevent #secondlifeevent #secondlife #slshop #avi #virtual #slfashion #slstore #slfashion #secondlifeavi #worldwidesl #slblog #slblogger #cactisl #exclusive #slexclusive #cactievent


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