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  • business dog 4 years ago

    Yummy tunas!

  • Drumbs Gaming 4 years ago


  • Julia Rutberg 4 years ago


  • #StayCrazy 4 years ago

    Well I know what prank I'm doing for Halloween!!

  • Krysta rainstorm 4 years ago

    it looks like a crime scene with human flesh on a plate.

  • MAFIO OIFAM 4 years ago

    In Italy we call it "fico d'India"

  • ULTIMATE GAMER 4 years ago

    It tastes really good

  • JigglyJeans 4 years ago

    cactus fruit is delicious

  • in my country we call them "ficundianu"

  • Dogian Mcpuppy 4 years ago


  • Catinman05 4 years ago

    Andrew van hunnen you mean 1:44

  • Dear Somaliland republic 4 years ago

    In my country somaliland we called it tiin

  • Haifa Dzasim 4 years ago

    You should try the orange Colour ones it taste way sweeter than the red ones

  • Joeshmoe 4 years ago

    I LOVE THESE! Sometimes my dad skins them and they taste good!( for me, at least)

  • Vladimir Muñoz 4 years ago

    Here in México, we eat those like apples…

  • The Bleachinator 4 years ago

    that thing is good asf. in spanish its tuna

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