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  • vzd7r2 1 year ago

    Original Mike is going to like this! Here you go Brother… Great post! Thanks!

  • william white 1 year ago

    I dig seeing Bogert get down

  • Gyula Geyer 1 year ago

    Tüskéim felegyenesednek, kilövik a zenét, de nem szúrnak..

  • Rob Cohen 1 year ago

    Never heard of this band till 5 minutes ago. Pretty bad ass.

  • Foto Favoloso 1 year ago

    What year was this show?

  • Rafa Jimi 1 year ago

    My top 10 band. Always. Rusty was the man, but tha´s ok. I LOVE THAT FUCKING SONGS!

  • Chris Cronk 1 year ago

    Still great!

  • anthony garcia 1 year ago

    woooOOOO Jimmy Kunes is KILLING IT ! ! !

  • Ralph Jimenez 1 year ago

    Badass up their with led zeppelin awesome singer whole band of course one of my drum gods carmine appice awesome . who is the singer thought they where a three piece band wirh Bogart singing .

  • Errol Cameron 1 year ago

    I'm a fan of both Appice brothers and fortunate enough to have seen Vinnie live with Heaven and Hell, prefer Carmine's groove and style the most but both incredibly talented musicians

  • twistedcreepster 1 year ago

    ATROCIOUS Video Production – Listen w/ Euez Closed

  • 1russian 1 year ago

    m oops

  • 1russian 1 year ago

    Go to 46 min mark, and be inpressed!!

  • Дмитрий Шамельян 1 year ago

    01. Lеt Mе Swіm
    02. Lоng Tаll Sаllу
    03. Оnе Wау Оr Аnоthеr
    04. Сасtus Musіс
    05. Brоthеr Bіll
    06. Musсlе Аnd Sоul
    07. Оlео (Bаss Sоlо)
    08. Еvіl (Drum Sоlо)
    09. Thе Grооvеr
    10. Раrt Оf Thе Gаmе
    11. Rосk Аnd Rоll Сhіldrеn
    12. Раrсhmаn Fаrm

  • Taime Uppe 1 year ago

    Timbo on this

  • Lorna Ann Rudder 1 year ago

    Dear Carmine, Dear Jim: You two Archangels just put me into Shock…Not to disparage the "kids", Tim Bogert and Searing Vocalist (Oops – senior moment) Companion…However I Knew you two and if you're still Kicking WHICH CACTUS SHOULD BE, The Sun MUST BE SHINING…Carmine King of the Triplets ! James You are the LONE WOLF of the Guitar. "Keep On Keeping ON! RESIST !)Do a few Festivals this Summer Get to California or a UK Motorhead show… One more objective opinion, and for you Jim it would be hard…Brighter COLOR wardrobe Although "mature" guys You all are cutting Edge ROCKERS Get French, Get African, Get Egyptian cotton etc LIGHTEN UP GUYS wear Tommy Hilfiger Magenta Pink Yipes Just heard a blow away Ginger Baker solo crikeys ! Carmine how's dat swift Lambourgini…remember racing Jeff Beck to Sly studio on Hwy 95 YEP ! Annie Rudder say so

  • Steve Bates 1 year ago

    Not familiar with the singer, but he's GOOD! Appice and Bogert remain in the elite rhythm sections ever – awesome job!!!!!!!

  • Mark Janousek 1 year ago

    This is grand shit! When was it recorded and where?

  • Valou M LeRock'n'Roll 1 year ago

    Just amazing !

  • CAP RICOSM 1 year ago

    love Cactus !!!

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