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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Killer Cactus performance footage recorded in various cities throughout the band’s 2006/07 tour. – This DVD features killer Cactus performance footage record… Cactus plants are easy plants to grow in your garden or home. Learn all about cactus plant care with gardening tips from a horticulturist in this free garden…

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  • ManonManipulator 7 years ago

    they? are mindblowing! even with the new singer!

  • felineth56 7 years ago

    Great band!?

  • peter pawlicki 7 years ago

    … still alive and rockin

  • MojoMurillo 7 years ago

    Never heard these guys before. The singer is good. Reminds me of Ian Gillan of Deep Purple. Good guitar picker,? definatly rocks!

  • shotdonkey 7 years ago

    that was? paul mccartney, dude! 😉

  • tatassin2 7 years ago

    Great to see those guys still kickin ass! Damn….Baltimore Civic Center 1970.?

  • TheHeathinvader 7 years ago

    also, is it just me or this new singer sounds like a young robert plant??

  • TheHeathinvader 7 years ago

    by any chance, does anybody know where i can find some video footage of the ORIGINAL cactus? u know, with rusty day? & tim bogart?

  • showlogicprod 7 years ago

    I like all Cactus, especially the Restrictions album, and the? new stuff, but it seems to me they could’ve found a better frontman than Jimmy Kunes to replace the late Rusty Ray. I realize it’s a mighty tall order, but still….

  • vito stentor 7 years ago


  • luisregitano 7 years ago

    Regitano capa-preta – show inesquec

  • redtorso 7 years ago

    Their very first gig ( ? at least in Europe…) was at the IOW Festival 1970 …..the last night before Jimi? Hendrix !!!!!!

  • redtorso 7 years ago

    To my opinion they? were, back in those days, 2 of the very Best Live Rock bands !!!! but definitly had the 2 best frontmen existing in Rock ….the Lates Rusty Day & Steve Marriott …..

  • SingleMalt77005 7 years ago

    This is? the American answer to Led Zeppelin. Jim McCartney had been in Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels in his earlier days.

  • HotshotGTar 7 years ago

    Acid Blues Hard Rockin’ Roll Boogie Mew-ZACK ! Does it really get any? better ?

  • dennis menace 7 years ago

    AWESOME CONCERT. INTRIUGED FROM BEGINNING? TO END . LOVE THAT HARD BLUES SOUND.recommend a great sounding contemporary band like this sound, – king hobo – they have that 70 sound!!!!!!!! still a great video and if this is on dvd, i will find it and own it!!!!!!! carmine is great but the music is utmost awesome!!!!!!

  • jim bullis 7 years ago

    has anybody ever noticed the resemblance between Jim McCarty and Bucky Phillips,the convicted cop killer who was next to impossible to find in the woods of NY state for months and months on end. They could be twin brothers. One killer , one killer guitar player. Rock on? Cactus!

  • Peter van sprew 7 years ago

    Cactus was in my time one of the best Rock bands,magnific,formidable an very good,I”m glad to see this guys again,many thanks to the people that put it on video,I enjoy like the early years,again? thanks that I may see this.

  • Dom Marasco 7 years ago

    Jim ,Jimie jam, with Hendrix ,dah. only guitarist? to play with Hendrix on” 6 to 9 to the Universe” no one else recorded with Jimie.

  • texas9085 7 years ago

    Good shit……………?

  • Bremer62 7 years ago

    How What? a great Music

  • Ted Hofland 7 years ago

    I agree.Although? Humble Pie had a lot of great songs,I think Cactus was more interesting and had a greater repertoire.

  • SuperJJTC 7 years ago

    Rusty Day? believed ultrasonic boogie rock the PIE is another big history

  • SuperJJTC 7 years ago

    Cactus are very different that Pie, The Cactus band are superband rock and boogie,? the Pie is a super Hard rock music, for me the two band are very great but very different

  • SuperJJTC 7 years ago

    Cactus? are very different that Pie, The Cactus band are superband rock and boogie, the Pie is a super Hard rock music, for me the two band are very great but very different

  • MrMega360noscope 7 years ago

    “you cant? hardly kill them”

  • 1900maggie 7 years ago

    I have killed ever known cactus you can buy I have tried if for 30 years and no matter if a small amount and bright light and drench once a month I have listened and watched all videos and just trial and error they gonna die with me even aloe and jade…they dead…can’t figure it out. read books also…I even tried taking cuttings and? dring them out then planting when callused over thy dead to. I give up.

  • Idellle 7 years ago

    I water my small cactus 2

  • MrJazzMan88 7 years ago

    I’ve killed a cactus :). I watered it too little. ? Lmao

  • ws00700 7 years ago


  • ws00700 7 years ago

    how often do i water my cactus pls??

  • NiemeyerHilmar 7 years ago

    @TheDonnaanddavid thanks alot? :))

  • zeppelin88ab 7 years ago

    How many times does he need? to say, “they are easy to grow”. WE KNOW!

  • NiemeyerHilmar 7 years ago

    how? often should i water my cactus? 🙂

  • Jay Kumar 7 years ago

    then try it..goodluck =)?

  • FluffyBalls009 7 years ago

    theres? ways of remvoing oxygen…

  • youtabeer 7 years ago

    I just? got a baby cactus 😀

  • Jay Kumar 7 years ago

    yups it will beokay!!but u have? to know oxygen is everywhere,,,

  • FluffyBalls009 7 years ago

    so if i give them sun without oxygen in the day, and then? no sun but oxygen at night they will live?

  • Jay Kumar 7 years ago

    no..they need oxygen at night..u need 2 read bout? photosynthesis.

  • FluffyBalls009 7 years ago

    so without oxygen they will still? live?

  • Jay Kumar 7 years ago

    wrong again..they need co2?

  • SolsticeSong1 7 years ago

    … Cacti is the plural of cactus. You? don’t say “a dogs” Grammar aside, don’t listen to expert village. These people really don’t know what they are talking about. Yes, cacti are easy to grow, but they are living things and do require some care.

  • FluffyBalls009 7 years ago

    they still? need oxygen….

  • 2006myangel 7 years ago

    not all cactus are? easy to grow as most people know!

  • 2006myangel 7 years ago

    on the side it looks mushy =? dieing

  • MCCproductions6 7 years ago

    Hold? up so if you have a greenthumb….does that mean you have weed?

  • anarchygod13 7 years ago

    was that a red? headed irishman cactus

  • Juan Castelan 7 years ago

    Mr Green thumb i have killed many? cacti before i fallow everything but they still die i don’t know why maybe i should get brown thumber of the years award

  • Seanbhi 7 years ago

    tanks never looked? up videos liked this i nearly drowned mine.