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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Access the new channel: Band: Cactus Album: One Way…Or Another Year: 1971 Genre: Hard Rock Released: (Victor Entertainment Japan VICW-70007 SHM-CD 2009) Track List. 01. Long Tall Sally 02. Rockout Whatever You Feel Like 03. Rock N’ Roll Children 04. Big Mama Boogie (Parts 1 & 2) 05. Feel So Bad 06. Song For Aries 07. Hometown Bust 08. One Way…Or Another Video Rating: / 5


  • Brian Trend 1 year ago

    great stuff respect from a free independent UK!

  • pretorious700 1 year ago

    Jim McCarty is a fucking hard rock god

  • Henri Saxerholt 1 year ago

    I have been digging Cactus from the start-the best hardrock band ever!!!!!!

  • Charles Trevaskis 1 year ago

    Saw long john baldry,Dan hicks &the hot licks,cactus and the mike quatro jam band at the music carnival in Cleveland summer of '71. Smoked some rope w/long john. One of cactus' roadies got busted (took the hit) on the plane? So that the band could play that night hence the song mean night in Cleveland on the restrictions album

  • Steven Barco 1 year ago

    still have all three original album even poster that came with one way or another albums

  • metalmaho 1 year ago

    Great album. I heard he was asked to be Ronnie Van Zant's replacement along with being asked to join AC/DC after Bon passed. He declined both. He was into the drug scene a little too much and got himself killed.

  • Michael Daddario 1 year ago

    I can remember a friend of mine begging me to come to the cactus concert. At the time I didnt know their music and he had a hard time convincing me to go. he said if I didnt like it he'd give me the money for the ticket. well, i went and it turned into one of the best concerts I had ever seen. I nscreamed myself hoarse ! I thanked you then and I thank you now, " My Friend" . God bless.

  • Keith Leeuwen 1 year ago

    I LOVE IT !

  • Diego Leon 1 year ago

    ths was fire fron there

  • Internet Psychopath 1 year ago

    Song times?

  • pleximars 1 year ago

    the thing I love about the hard rock era is that it is very dynamic, not always full on, and the drumsalways accented the feel perfectly

  • Brian Swartz 1 year ago

    this is one kick-ass album. I won my "NOT FOR SALE" DJ's copy from a local radio stations contest when it came out!

  • Chorus Cellar 1 year ago

    I clicked Sepultura

  • Håkan Zetterlund 1 year ago

    Wonderful album

  • TuXoH9I 1 year ago

    Super group.Very good.

  • Serge Miron 1 year ago

    Rock and Roll forever!

  • Alexandre TEIXEIRA BENJAMIN 1 year ago

    Rock`n´roll with pure energy! Fuckin` vocals! Nice songs! Great band! Excellent album!

  • RomaBoy 1 year ago

    Just saw this on YouTube and I had to take another listen. I remember buying this album when it first came out. I was in Thailand during the war and thought these guys were the joint!

  • Carlito1988 1 year ago

    Incredible  that one of the best American bands in history hardly even gets a mention on the screen today…truly sad & fucked up…

  • perry C 1 year ago

    Jim kicked it

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