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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE Enjoy and Share!! Next time we get back to english, no worries! Ahah Was a fun experience anyway and it is always interesting to give you a little bit more of my reality and get you to know my native language! I speak Portuguese, I live in Porto, Portugal. If you have any questions please leave them on the comments below and if you like, give a Thumbs Up and Subscribe! + Subscribe to Get Hands Dirty channel + Folllow me on social media Instagram Facebook Twitter Google+

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  • Jerk Of All Trades 2 years ago

    Very cool young man!?

  • artzi 2 years ago

    O som dos cactos me supreendeu! Excelente, como sempre!?

  • BCdesign 2 years ago

    Nice work,I like listening to the Portuguese!?

  • Scott Haun 2 years ago

    love it! watched once to read the subtitles then watched it again to see the build process. ;)?

  • DIY Tutorials And More 2 years ago

    They stay on for like 2 seconds but that's alright?

  • DIY Tutorials And More 2 years ago

    Lovely great video but the language thing made it a bit harder to understand even though there's subtitle they go?

  • Blog das Madeiras 2 years ago


  • Marko 2 years ago

    This is the first time ASMR worked positively on me, thank you for that. Nice video.?

  • aliba59 2 years ago

    I put your DEWALT melamine plate planer sheet is much smoother than tin?

  • dav snow 2 years ago

    I just love your sense of humour, and glad you didn't include slow-mo video of blood oozing from the cactus spine in your finger. You know we will imagine it instead.?

  • Guillermo Guevara 2 years ago

    great job! greetings from Colombia?

  • Savvas Papasavva 2 years ago

    The noise is so good!?

  • Gib Clark 2 years ago

    Purdy, Thanks for sharing?

  • Giorgio Galanti 2 years ago

    sempre la migliore! ;)?

  • Dan The Maker Man 2 years ago

    Nice video, I really liked the explanation of how the thickness planer works.

  • Ben Brandt 2 years ago

    Fantastic video production and project, too. Some great techniques as well. Thanks for the video.?

  • Matthew Friedrichs 2 years ago

    Plucking cactuses is irresistible until one bites back. Nice project. ?

  • Stefan Stef 2 years ago


  • Laura Kampf 2 years ago

    wow, i just LOVED the ending! you are awesome! really clean and pretty planter :)?

  • Adrian Rojas Almendarez 2 years ago