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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Cactus Plants – 12 Types of Cactus you can Grow at Home Cacti are beautiful and they demand less while simultaneously providing more greenery to your house. And while those other plants may wither and turn brown, a cactus will never die on you. Instead they might turn your desert home verdant. All you need is some space and sunlight. In the absence of light, the cacti will be etiolated. Plant these, after all they are not much different from roses; they have thorns. They are also strangely beautiful. Please subcribe my channel : Facebook : Pinterest : Twitter : Blogger : Google Plus : Video Rating: / 5


  • Quinton Lin 4 years ago

    thanks for the info

  • random video maker 4 years ago

    I have 20 cacti

  • Ben Maciver 4 years ago

    I have 3 cacti. I have had them for almost 3 months and they have not grown. What should I do

  • Kfkgta al amir 4 years ago

    All of a sudden, am in love with this beautiful plant. Thanks to the hedge cactus we brought few months ago and, watching the flower bloom right now .. Amazing! Very nice collection. Am going to get them all l hope, ty

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