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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Today we go on another cactus rescue. I give some basic tips on weather or not you should rescue a cactus. Hope you all enjoy!! Thank you for stopping by CACTUSMAIN! Hit the subscribe button to get more cacti videos! P.O. Box= CACTUSMAIN P.O. BOX 353023 PALM COAST FL 32135-3023 If you are sending live plants/cuttings please let me know in a message or email to Some cactus growing supplies; MY GREEN HOUSE: 2 inch square pots: Garden shovel: Garden shears: Garden gloves: Osmocote: Coco coir: Video Rating: / 5


  • American Sweetgum 9 months ago

    In the Northwest you can not keep a cactus outdoors for the whole year but i love cacti.

  • Willow Phoenix 9 months ago

    I have a echinopsis cactus their was a blue strawflower on it with glue but I was able to get it all off with a set of needle nose plyers

  • wyatt Jackson 9 months ago

    I had to put down my cactus because it was suffering a sickly disease. So I had to stab it .

  • I just purchased 4 eastern prickly pear, 1 West Texas prickly pear and 2 Phaecantha prickly pear. As you can tell my favorite varieties are of the prickly pear variety lol. But I do plan on obtaining a big barrel cactus soon because I do like all Cactus

  • Cracker Boxy 9 months ago

    Now just save the pollen from that grandiflorus/lobivioides or whatever they are and wait for your san pedro/bolivian torch to bloom and cross it out. And no he dih-unt just leave that perfectly good pachycladus for Homer to kill.

  • Mishelle Walker 9 months ago

    I've been told a million times that only I would do this. Ha! You just helped prove everyone wrong. I get tons of emails from people who unknowingly buy from Home Depot & Lowes and bring home mealy bugs etc. Those "cute" displays where they glue those damn rocks drive me nuts! They all die and people get them home and don't realize what they are doing wrong. Love this video! ~Mishelle in Michigan

  • Katie Curbow 9 months ago

    8:36 heavy breathing intensifies

  • Darrel S 9 months ago

    How are these getting on if youve still got them? Plenty of other good videos on your page, just in the uk i can only have the cacti haha, looking forward to more vids though 🙂

  • The Oceans Gaurdian 9 months ago

    All hail our prickly overlords!

  • Shelly Stiles 9 months ago

    The first cactus I got was from Meijers and was rotting so I put it in a different pot and stopped watering it for awhile and it's still alive to this day

  • Kiwi TV 9 months ago

    What is the song called when you were viewing the cacti

  • Amanda Story 9 months ago

    I have an obsession with succulents and probably will for cacti now lol. But I came across ur video and saw that you're in PC. I live there too. Thought that was pretty neat. Thanks for your video.

  • Enrik Souls 9 months ago

    you know those flowers are hot glued on right?

  • Suzie Q 9 months ago

    Rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and manual removal daily. Scale sucks. I have a lemon tree, ants love to farm scale on it every summer.

  • BrightestSky 9 months ago

    What pesticide do you use?

  • Candace Elder 9 months ago

    Awww, take the puppy with you!

  • 19grand 9 months ago

    Focus ST?

  • Vinny Carroll 9 months ago

    i hate to say it but the flower you said you dont have to fertilize it the flower was fake

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