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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Restrictions (1971) / Atco Records Carmine Appice — Drums, percussion & background vocals Tim Bogert — Bass & background vocals Rusty Day — Lead vocals, harmonica & percussion Jim McCarty — Lead guitar & slide guitar 1. Restrictions (Day/Appice) 0:00 2. Token Chokin’ (Day/Appice) 6:13 3. Guiltless Glider (Day/Bogert/Appice/McCarty) 9:24 4. Evil (C. Burnett) 18:03 5. Alaska (McCarty/Bogert/Day) 21:20 6. Sweet Sixteen (Bogert/Day/Appice/McCarty) 25:01 7. Bag Drag (McCarty/Day) 28:20 8. Mean Night In Cleveland (Day/Bogert/Appice/McCarty) 33:37 Video Rating: / 5


  • ogrebattle22763 3 years ago

    If this isn't do a bump drink a beer smoke a joint type music then nothing is…. LOL…

  • Ludmila Kokk 3 years ago

    This and Ot'n' Sweaty are best Cactus albums to my ears. Two first are listenable but not so special musically. No more comments.

  • Robert Worth 3 years ago

    Back in the 60's the cops came to my home looking for drugs. The arrested me going into the mall and took me back to the station and produced a search warrant. We then left the station and headed to my place. Cops blocked off the intersections around my place and made me sneak up to my place where my two friends were waiting for me with some Mescaline that we were going to do.

    My friends got word that I had got busted so they decided to do the Mescaline. As the cops were searching they had us sit at the dining room table where my friends relayed the no drugs in the house news. I thought ok lets have fun anyways. I asked the police if we could now sit in the living room and listen to some music while they did their thing. They agreed. I decided an appropriate song to play while getting busted would be Hometown Bust by Cactus. I'm 72 years old now and will always have a little smile on my face when I think back on that night.

    The strange thing about this incident is this. Every night there would always be 10-15 people at my place. On this night when by doorbell would ring the cops nabbed all my visitors and searched them, Usually all would have drugs BUT on the night of this incident not one person showed up with anything. The cops searched 3 hours and found nothing.

  • smoothstrokes 3 years ago

    Carmine can play those DRUMS,,one of the best

  • Domingo Hernandez 3 years ago


  • Thom Holbrook 3 years ago

    To this day when we throw out vintage rock bands songs, I quote the opening of Restrictions and people will argue that no song starts like that. Won many of beer off this song.

  • mwilson70201 3 years ago

    This was undoubtedly America's greatest homegrown bands and we missed it. Promotion beat out talent and so we sing stairway to heaven instead of 1 way or another. Such is life

  • gordon earnest 3 years ago

    Tell me us old fucks didn"t have it going on

  • bflo1000 3 years ago

    Progressive hard-rock blues?!? LOL

  • Rolando Cruzado 3 years ago

    Cactus is unique but I also heard Grand Funk playing Restrictions, anybody knows who composed it first?


    Fantastic álbum! Great gem of rock`n`roll! Brilliant bass guitar and drums `s works! Fuckin` good!

  • László Divinyi 3 years ago

    Így könnyű…… A legnagyobb zenészekkel………….hát igen…….

  • Fongolitus 3 years ago

    and then Jim went back to Detroit

  • Thore Engen 3 years ago

    This is a really great album, initially I preferred their second "One Way…Or Another" but through the years this is the one that never stops to surprise!

  • Carlito1988 3 years ago

    I remember buying  this album right after it came out new and loving it! Man, where have the years gone??

  • fernando gonzalez 3 years ago

    what a hell is restrictions come one friend

  • wildcats2012 3 years ago

    Could there possibly be a better, more dynamic, instrumental break than that middle section?

  • opa loka records 3 years ago

    Restrictions  is a big (american) track

  • John Bonswor 3 years ago

    America's hardest rockin' band…. ever!

  • Robert Hendry 3 years ago

    The last great Cactus album. Side one an absolute Classic. Side two Evil and Bag Drag kickin songs.

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