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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote For written Recipe – Cactus is a latin word which means a spiny plant. It is called #nagfani in Hindi, #Nagfana in Bengali & Marathi, #Nagamalli in Telagu and #Chaptukalli in Tamil. Though eating cactus is very popular in #Mexico but in India we have been using the cactus plant & fruit for various treatments. Also many farmers in India grow them around their fields to naturally protect the crops. Cooking cactus is like cooking Bhindi, quite easy & surprisingly very tasty. All you need to know is to know is how to cut a cactus. A lot of varieties of cactus that grow are quite beneficial for us in many ways. I am cooking a variety of #Cactus called #Nopal or #Nopales which has a pad like shape. The same variety also bears a fruit called #PricklyPear which is that comes with a lot of health benefits. Both the Nopal Cactus & its fruit (prickly pear) are riddled with lots of thorns but carefully removing them gives us a cactus we can eat. Cactus is long know for its many health benefits like high on antioxidants, regulates blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, eliminates hangovers & high on vitamins, minerals & fibre. Eating cactus fruit – Prickly Pear, prevents from peelia i.e. jaundice. It is specifically high in calcium, potassium, vitamin A, C & B, Iron & Magnesium. Currently there are no know cactus species that are poisonous but getting stung by a cactus thorn/spike causes irritation, pain and ay lead to bacterial infections. #KunalKapurRecipes #KunalKapur #ChefKunal #ChefKunalKapur Click to Subscribe – Website – Fb – Twitter – Instagram – Video Rating: / 5


  • Kamlesh Suryavanshi 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful beautiful shahar

  • Kamlesh Suryavanshi 3 weeks ago

    Nice sir

  • Nabin Shrestha 3 weeks ago

    sir can you tell me what is the hing?

  • Roopsingh Rajpurohit 3 weeks ago

    थोर अलग है यह नागफनी बोलते हैं इसको

  • somya shruti 3 weeks ago

    I love u so much I wish I could get heart from you .your recipe was amazing love u❤️

  • Ashok Samrat 3 weeks ago

    Looks delicious but why you are not eating

  • Sabyasachi Mallik 3 weeks ago

    Kuchh bhi? Next u will cook a banyan tree.

  • Your best Teacher is Your last Mistake 3 weeks ago

    Show us your eating/tasting part also

  • Your best Teacher is Your last Mistake 3 weeks ago

    Are u still alive after having this? Incredible idea

  • RoseBud Savona 3 weeks ago

    now i know why i had seen sole like that cactus here in Sydney

  • saffan bhokare 3 weeks ago

    Sir iska fal bhi hota hai na

  • Can someone please translate the ingredients in English?

  • Namili Nahak 3 weeks ago

    Seriously…. Ye khane k laaek hai ?

  • Avinash Rananaware 3 weeks ago

    I thought simplify that cook and eat this cactus… Just kidding..
    Wonder that it's actually a cooking thing.
    This types alots of species around.
    They can fun with cooking and effort also. Need for foods solve much more.
    Status symbols stop people from enjoying such natural flavor.

  • Prim Rizvi 3 weeks ago

    Well I have a lot of Fanimansha (this kind of Cactus) in my garden. I will definitely give a try.

  • Noob Mp 3 weeks ago

    Wat is it good for?? I am totally confused after seeing ur vid…..

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