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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] I had an INCREDIBLE day at The Cactus & Succulent Society of Ireland’s Cactus & Succulent Show held on the 21st-22nd May 2016 at The Botanic Gardens of Ireland in Dublin.. Here is a video showing all the Cacti & Succulents CONTINUE BELOW……. in the show, and I am sure you will be amazed as I was at seeing so many beauties under one roof. Well done to everyone involved in putting together such a wonderful show and well done everyone who entered . If you live in Ireland and love cacti and succulents please come along to a meeting, the meetings are on every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Dublin Botanic Gardens, and its a fantastic way to meet friendly like minded people. Here is a Blog I have made on my website of this amazing show : ★ Check out my website ★ Facebook ★ Twitter Thank you for watching, please give me a Like and I would love you to SUBSCRIBE for regular updates and take a look at my other Cacti and Succulent and nature videos to see my weird and wacky cacti and other succulent plants up close and personal. HAPPY GROWING GUY’S 🙂 Royalty Free Music Music By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Video Rating: / 5


  • Kai Yan 1 year ago

    4:10 wait that can be the third prize??? It looks like someone bought it from IKEA

  • Nami 1 year ago

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Lyn 🙂

    Does anyone know the name of the one at 2:20 ? I can not read it.

  • Zélia Zulmira 1 year ago

    muito lindos

  • lovers4healthylife 1 year ago

    Awesome show! I love the beautiful succulents. Wow so many different types… Tfs, Peaches

  • Ann Lyons 1 year ago

    Loved the video would love to know show is on next year

  • Greg Monk 1 year ago

    is there a website for harrington exotics, great video, 🙂

  • Groovyman 1968 1 year ago

    Hi Lyn!   So great to see such cacti and succulent enthusiasm in Ireland. Hopefully you can enter some of your own plants, your collection is so incredible. Thanks, Keith in AZ

  • Susana1024 1 year ago

    That was wonderful, Lynn! The shows here are too far for me to go to but maybe someday… Thank you, Lynn!! Have a marvelous day!

  • Gicu's plants 1 year ago

    Beautiful botanical garden. In Ireland it rained every day?

  • MouseLilly Orchids 1 year ago

    Wow there was so many cool and unusual cacti! I bet you had a hard time tearing yourself away! Thank you for sharing. It was my first time at a cacti show! Have a wonderful week 🙂

  • Holly Brown 1 year ago

    I went to type in the name you have me on Google & it is cotyledon undulata aka silver crown or silver ruffles. about four years ago when I really got into them I found you on YouTube and your videos were all I watched you have a lot of years of experience and knowledge. like one good example that I realized lately is that so many people think that they have scale or fungus on their cacti when it's just corking and I learned that because of you. I was so pleased to finally realize you had a channel about stones and crystals. I've always loved them but I never really got into them like that and lately for some reason I really wanted to. I'm so attracted to them for some reason. alright I'll stop rambling and leave you alone lol

  • Midwest Gardener 1 year ago

    Wow, there you are in hog heaven again! So much to see.

  • Buzzardgirl13 1 year ago

    While I was watching I could myself saying "Lyn's got one of those" or "I'm sure I've seen that in Lyn's greenhouse!". Great video. For my birthday Tom bought me a membership for the cacti and succulent society but I have not been to any of the meets yet. The location of this was fantastic!

  • Holly Brown 1 year ago

    I would give anything to come! Your conservatory is like a plant show. You have been a big part of my inspiration with my cacti & succulents. You have a lot of knowledge & wisdom. Whenever I've needed a question answer I can almost always find it in your videos! Happy Growing Lynn!

  • سناء زكي 1 year ago

    thanks a lot for the wonderful video you made me a huge fan of cuctus and sucelents, wish you all the best 🙂

  • Jackie Binkley 1 year ago

    You should have entered a bunch of yours cause I know you would have cleaned most of their plows and won a bunch of prizes. It is also a great way to increase your visibility in the cactus world. Loved it.

  • Lucythecat 1 year ago

    Hi Lyn, this was a great video. The plants were amazing and we got to see everything. Next best thing to being there ourselves. I think you have many plants to rival some of these. Were there a lot of types there that you do not currently have yourself? You must have been in cacti and succulent heaven and now you have this wonderful video to relive some of it. Have you ever done any plant judging or do you have an interest in that sort of thing? You are so knowledgeable. Happy growing your new purchases. Show us when their blooms open. It's a delight to watch you buy new plants. You light up. Have a great day from Canada!!

  • AzurielMist 1 year ago

    Hey there! 😀
    Jack again! 😀
    Brilliant video btw, much enjoy watching these types of videos considering I don't always get to travel and go to these amazing places all the time! So thank you for sharing! ^^
    Out of interest for you have any experience growing Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia)?
    As I am to get two herman tortoises soon, and they can eat it, so wondered how quickly they grew, as I know they were quite invasive and prolific in Australia 🙂
    Wishing you're well!

  • Hans Müller 1 year ago

    Love this very special video! All thous beauties… I sit with an open mouth…hahaha
    Hope you like this one…dear Lyn!
    XXXXX <3

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