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  • Desert Plants of Avalon 3 months ago

    Hi Guys 😀 In this video I talk about the early Spring jobs to do with your Cacti & Succulents <3.

  • Alisha Forster 3 months ago

    Great video love watching

  • Jutta 3 months ago

    Sweet Lyn, visiting with you in your little patch of paradise is my daily medicine! I would go totally doolally if I didn't have your sanctuary to look at each day. And of course that collection of yours is so fantastic. Looks like you'll have a massive job to do soon when all your plants are back in business and moving around places! Stay safe, you and Hans. : – ) xx

  • Carol Michell 3 months ago

    Thanks Lyn. One advantage of the Lock-down is being able to spend more time re-potting. Spent a fulfilling morning in my sunny greenhouse, I even felt warm enough to take my fleece off!

  • Dinosaur Hub 3 months ago

    Stay healthy

  • Richard Clark 3 months ago

    You are just so organised Lyn….I think it is important not to use very cold water when watering I mostly use filtered water at room temperature….don't have access to rain water I use a filter jug London tap water is very hard and has the usual chemicals ….interesting about neme oil being good for the plants…I'll take your advice and try it…and the tomato feed is definitely worth a try I'll get the seaweed one as yours do so well on it… bestt to you both

  • Everything's looking great in there! I'm glad we've all got our plants at this time. Looking after them certainly keeps me busy, especially the chillies and the damn thrips getting around. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can put things outside, though I don't think there's enough room in my little greenhouse anymore! I'll need a new one, haha.

  • Debra Smith 3 months ago

    Will you be doing a watering video for the cactus? I think watering cactus can be challenging, I'm not sure if I'm giving to much or to little. I found one of my little cactus full of mealy bugs, I sat and picked them off for hours. I made a cayenne pepper spray and sprayed my cactus. I've been watering my plants with the same water to keep the gnats from laying eggs in the soil, my gnat population is going down hurray.

  • Laurence Lhoest 3 months ago

    Just discovered your channel. I LOVE your tatoor on hand. I am a huge Prince fan too!!!!

  • K Titus 3 months ago

    Doing my spring jobs with my cactus. Awesome and informative video

  • Blake A. E. 3 months ago

    I thought neem oil does hurt bees though?

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