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  • Ava Lencia 1 month ago

    Hi Christine. Thankful I got to land on your Channel. Been watching your vlogs from 7 to 8 years back when you were starting then. I watch you because I get to view DIYs which were not as popular then. Then, for some reasons I no longer see your videos in my YT feeds. Loved your home DIYs and plant care. I was looking for your travel in Philippines but I could no longer watch it. I remembered you went up the mountains in Baguio then went down the beach in Boracay. I really like the way you present your vlog videos. So calming. You are an inspiration. Keep doing what you do best. Kudos!

  • Natasha Watson 1 month ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed his video! Definitely take us on the potting journey! Would also love some videos on watering tips how and whens. Thank you!

  • Ivette Arroyo 1 month ago

    I Love my lithops I have 5 different types

  • Sophie 1 month ago

    Wow beautiful plants 🙂 I'd buy so many Lithops hahah
    Love it when people wright the latin names as they should be written, appreciate that a lot :))

  • MzAnzu 1 month ago

    cactus pups hehheee

  • Laura McCabe 1 month ago

    i bought a tiny snowball cactus at aldis.. it was so cute.. small slightly furry ball..dont know what it is …no label but i tried to replant it today and i think i beheaded it from its root system… i tried to stick it back together in the the new pot… you think i murdered it???? Im starting to really like succulents …and that little one was my favortie…

  • Rumiza life style vlogs 1 month ago

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  • Linda Cruikshank 1 month ago

    Are you not supposed to get the top of the plant wet? I love these videos.

  • DianeCee0 1 month ago

    Do you still have the rainbow ones you got on your hike?

  • Steve Fraser 1 month ago

    A highly interesting video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although cactus and I are not compatible. My plants have to be able to take lots of watering.

  • katrina phipps 1 month ago

    This reminds me of your makeup collection.

  • lisacarpentersoares 1 month ago

    I have about 50 succulents and cacti, but a few of them have mealy bugs and some have scale. I’ve sprayed with Neem Oil and some other organic insecticide but it never completely takes care of the problem and then it spreads again. Do you have any tips to help save the plants?

  • Laurel Rose 1 month ago

    Your white shirt looks like a lab coat during your experiment demonstration. I was like, Wow, she's official!

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 1 month ago

    I absolutely LOVED this video so much Christine 😀 and you have so many beautiful cacti and Succulents, and I LOVE the woolly ones, Plant Therapy is the BEST haha, and I LOVED the nursery tours too, thanks so much for sharing Christine and sending you lots of love and happiness and PLANT and CRYSTAL POWER from across the Emerald Isle XXXXX <3

  • mysticshining 1 month ago

    Always love repotting and soil videos, so if you feel so inclined. Love your pumice porn 🙂 The selection of clay and rock media is incredible. Love the soil moisture experiments and learning that stuff. I think another fun way to experiment is in clear plastic containers to actually see how the media is changing, and the color, the weight. Sometimes I plant certain plants in clear plastic if I want to monitor the roots, or just to learn how certain roots grow. Thanks Christine, have a great day.

  • Hasib Sharifi 1 month ago

    لطفاً آقای لطیف پدرام شیر خراسان را دعوت کنید

  • Ahmed Aziz 1 month ago

    برادران عزیز اول برنامه کامل ببینید بد قضاوت کنید عطا محمد کس نیست در این حکومت نوآمده باشد مدت بیست سال ویا بشتر است که فعالیت سیاسی داردشماهرنامکه میگزارد بگذارید ولی در مدت فعالیت خود در مزارشریف مردم در وضیت حارام زنده می‌کرد یک والی ولایت نمتواند برای تمام کشور رسیده گی کند وشما دوستان اگر انگشت انتقاد دارین برین بالای داکتر غنی داکتر عبدالله کنید که زمامدارکشوراست

  • jasmin 1 month ago

    Corrupt piece of SHIT may he be rotten in hell

  • محمد یار حقپرست 1 month ago

    نمیدانم چرا اصلن در داخل کشور زندگی نمیکنم ولی نا خو دآگاه ایشانرا دوست دارم در حیاتم تا امروز عضو هیچ تنظیمی نبوده ام ونیستم ولی از طرفداران سر سخت آرمانهای مسعود شهید استم به امید اتحاد ویکپارچگی تمام مردم وطن است وبود وطن در خطر است وهمه باید متحد ویکپارچه شوند

  • pansher masood 1 month ago

    Ata noor da afshar mardom hazara ra
    Qatle aam kard ye benamoos .
    Jasoss Amerika.

  • pansher masood 1 month ago

    Ata be Noor jasoss Amerika.
    Lanat ba to namard. Enshalah allah s.h.w to ra ba amrikayeha hasher konad.
    Amin suma amin.
    Zenda bad islam ♥️☝️♥️
    Zenda bad olama ♥️☝️♥️
    Mohammed omar London

  • hana fine 1 month ago

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  • Azad Nastoh 1 month ago

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  • A. .f 1 month ago

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  • Romalkhan Romal 1 month ago

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  • Romalkhan Romal 1 month ago

    marg peh jejeqh refugi kafer yahood parast moushkhor kos ferosh
    hamdasseh hazar ozbak aw turkman kaferan moush khoran yahood parastan

  • Romalkhan Romal 1 month ago

    marg peh jejeqh refugi kafer yahood parast moushkhor kos ferosh
    hamdasseh hazar ozbak aw turkman kaferan moush khoran yahood parastan

  • Jabbar Kharutai 1 month ago

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  • Faisal Haqbien 1 month ago

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  • Ramin Motmain 1 month ago

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