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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote im just kidding i do know that he propably was reffering to mollys bf and not to dan but its funny okay no proper video.. again im sorry you should all just …

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  • Emma Cassidy 5 years ago

    Dan * draws cactus *
    Phil ” What happens if you’re boyfriend pays more attention to a cactus
    than you?”
    Me ” WAIT ”

  • Beth Moriarty 5 years ago

    I know it’s probably nothing *internally sighs* but I did interpret it to
    mean Phan but that’s just me. I’ve become too absorbed in the internet and
    I’m now misinterpreting everything.?

  • Megan Reiff 5 years ago

    I love how when Molly answers Phil’s question, she answers it as if it was
    Dan and Phil’s relationship problem and she talks to them both instead of
    just answering it to Phil. pHAN IS REAL

  • Desire Fire 5 years ago

    Their not even trying anymore?

  • Frances Rose 5 years ago

    I just screamed phan is real?

  • Felicia Derps 5 years ago

    Wasn’t dan drawing a cactus before this and phil was trying to get his
    attention?? Hehhehehe phan is realll <33?

  • jessisnotonfire c: 5 years ago

    does anyone have a link to the full clip (when dan was drawing the cactus
    and shiz)?

  • JustThatChloeGirl 5 years ago

    I think we all pictured it as dan paying more attention to the cacti than

  • Helloimhaley 5 years ago

    i am screaming?

  • granisn0t0nfire 5 years ago

    I love this bc Dan looks jealous but also because I took it as he was
    saying his boyfriend (Dan) was paying more attention to a cactus. I think
    it’s kind of funny because Dan says he likes Cacti. ?

  • ATurtleAteMyTrex 5 years ago

    dans face when phil and molly were flirting :’^)?

  • Young Liz 5 years ago

    Dan’s face when Aled says Phil and Mollie look good together… Excuse me
    while I go cry?

  • sunbeamwrappedinlies 5 years ago

    you can interpret it both ways i guess but i prefer to see it that he was
    not referring to molly’s bf ygm i’m sorry i won’t judge you or anything if
    you don’t see it that way you’re probably right but let me and all the
    other people dream okay it’s not like i’m convinced that this was the proof
    now or something i just enjoy these little moments you can see in different
    ok rant over?

  • Becca Rose 5 years ago


  • CatWhiskersAreCool 5 years ago

    wasnt dan drawing a catcus a little bit before this ;w;?

  • Emma S 5 years ago

    Dan looks so jelous when Mollie goes to stand next to Phil like seriously
    can Phan just be real please?

  • Ipukerainbows x3 5 years ago

    Not to like just point EVERYTHING out in here, But after Dan was laughing a
    little he kind of wiped it off his face when Phil said “Boyfriend”
    When Phil was done answering, the silence was like death and Dan gasped
    looking at both Mollie and Aled as if he was scared for a moment and
    couldn’t breathe.
    But yeah just a few things. (I’m sorry)?

  • Yush A 5 years ago

    Phan is real
    Dan was drawing a cactus before this ?

  • Janelle & Elina Holland 5 years ago

    dan looks so jealous :3?

  • Night Sky 5 years ago

    Too much phan :’)?