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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I converted my front lawn into a California low water usage water saving lawn. Putting down weed stopper fabric, rubber mulch, and desert plants looks better than a dead grass lawn and saves a lot of water. The state of California has imposed a lot of restrictions on water usage to save water, and residents are encouraged to get rid of grass lawns and replace them with water saving landscaping with desert plants and rocks. Video Rating: / 5


  • johnny tram 4 years ago

    How's your "lawn" doing. I'm looking to do something similar too.

  • Toi Buchanan 4 years ago

    silly question…when it gets really hot, does the rubber give off an odor?  They're using that rubber mulch in playgrounds.

  • Brad Icenhour 4 years ago

    Damn buddy you make an old rubber tire look good!! Next step is put a turbo whistle on that yucca in your yard

  • romeytoorOfficial 4 years ago

    California :(

  • 04smallmj 4 years ago

    I quite like that. It reminds me of the volcanic rock gravel that I found everywhere in the Canary Islands – . I didn't see much grass there, just lots of volcanic rock :P.

  • 67kneil 4 years ago

    Sorry about the water shortage must be awful

  • 1totheright 4 years ago


  • MCTeck 4 years ago

    I pay$30.00 for 2 Months.Water Bill. Have cut water..My Lawn looks like Toast…[California Drought Toast]..Many of My Neighbors Don't Get It! They water 6X a week.Here in CM, [Costa Mesa] Tuesdays- Saturdays Water OK… I Gray Water sink water..ETC….To water My Trees … I am not sure about Reporting My Wasteful Neighbors. [Just Yet]  I am Going to Sell My  House Soon…Pull Lawn and replace W/Drought Tolerant Landscape soon……And Move Out to the High Desert Again…Where I have Some   "Elbow Room"

  • cuzuman 4 years ago

    The way of the future…

  • DroidMox Tc 4 years ago


  • Rob Divide 4 years ago

    GREAT VID!! That's a cool idea !

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