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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Caline Crazy Cacti Overdrive Pedal If you’ve been looking for an all in one overdrive pedal that will work with any guitar in any amp, this is a great choice. This is based on the Fulltone Fulldrive Overdrive pedal offering many options including a transparent overdrive, vintage overdrive as well as either a clean or balls to the wall boost option. Buy it online at the INTHEBLUES Tone Shop: Direct Link: Shop Link: Join the intheblues community on Facebook: Join the intheblues community on Google+ intheblues on Twitter: Check out more awesome video demos online: Video Rating: / 5

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  • TJ Nugent 4 years ago

    How close to a Full Drive 2 is this pedal??

  • Clay Ingold 4 years ago

    Great as always Shane! What would be a good overdrive to use with P90's??

  • Alan Eduardo 4 years ago

    Hey, what you think is best, buy this pedal or a mooer hustle drive (ocd clone)??

  • skrumian 4 years ago

    Will the boost work even if the main drive not on??

  • Jesse Belanger 4 years ago

    Has anyone tried the power supply's off eBay that are cheap. 10 isolated in puts of varying volts from sagged to 18v. Please I really would like someone with first hand experience. There made by kokco?

  • giovanni witjamulia 4 years ago

    crazy pedal with the crazy price?

  • Jesper Hagberg 4 years ago

    Hey Shane, great demo as always! I am contemplating buying one of these but have a quick question regarding th boost function. Is it independent of the OD channel? Or can i only use it while the OD is activated? I know that boost and OD doesn't operate independently on the fulltone pedal, but it would have been a nice addition to an already awesome pedal! Keep up the good work! :)?

  • Leslie Liew 4 years ago

    Can i ask what you are playing? Possible to get some tips??

  • cyprussid 4 years ago

    Hi Shane how do you find the reliability of this pedal i just had to send one back that wasn't working not sure weather to try again or go for a joyo jf39 did like the versatility of this pedal?

  • Cesnakov 4 years ago

    a buffer not a booster aka gimmick?

  • Cesnakov 4 years ago

    i bought one because of your review. hopefuly it comes soon?

  • Nathan Linerode 4 years ago

    Quick question. Can the boost work independently of the drive switch, or does the drive need to be on for the boost to work??

  • Dave Hughes 4 years ago

    Hey Shane, how well do you think this would work in front of a SS amp like a Peavey Bandit??

  • Francesco Mele 4 years ago

    The boost acts as a drive boost or a volume boost according to the mode. Someone says the boost doesn't work, I suggest to try at lower drive level.

  • GregoryStahl'sBlues 4 years ago

    Sizzlin Hot Blues!!!?

  • KILLNSFUN 4 years ago

    I run my fulldrive 2 on 18 volts for that extra headroom ear candy. Sounds exactly like that little green box. Very nice.?

  • ArielsSmartyPants 4 years ago

    One word versatile, nice demo Shane.?

  • Soulie22 4 years ago

    Two button pedals are the future. FD2 clones are the new TS9. Great demo Shane. Your format is getting better and better.?

  • G day 4 years ago

    Great pedal and a great demo as always Shane :-)?