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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Hei guy, In this video, I wanted to show you my visit to Botanic Gardens in Cambridge. If you like my videos don`t forget to subscribe. For more photos with me from my trips, you can follow me on Instagram: @maria.panaite Enjoy Video Rating: / 5


  • Indian Beauty Queen 1 year ago

    Nice video

  • Michelle LL 1 year ago

    Nice flowers! Looking gorgeous my friend 🙂

  • Princess Selda 1 year ago

    You're so cute omgg!!! Just subscribed!!!

  • tues selber 1 year ago

    Very Nice Video. Greetings from Germany

  • Sairi Ventura 1 year ago


  • Hallee & Sofia 1 year ago

    Love your makeup! Super cute! Mind checking out my channel?❤️

  • tara jane makeup 1 year ago

    hey ! Just wanted to stop by to let you know i've been watching you for a while and I was wondering if you could check my channel out to? I'd also like to do a collab with you sometime! let me know(:

  • LaRissa Sherman 1 year ago

    You did such a good job on this video!!! Can't wait to see more! Check out mine if you don't mine(:

  • Natalie M 1 year ago

    Such pretty plants. :). Also, super cute outfit and makeup. Subscribed to you. <3.

  • Alex Edwards 1 year ago

    Love your outfit :)) Subbed! I hope you can check out my channel too 😀

  • 101 Shades of Pink 1 year ago

    I watched all of your videos n commented….can i expect the same from u??

  • Emily Salazar 1 year ago

    i love this pin up look ,your gorgeous:)

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