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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 China is one of the countries worst affected by desertification. As the Gobi Desert expands further south – engulfing an average of 3,000 square kilometres every year – entire communities are forced to relocate, becoming climate refugees. In a bid to combat this phenomenon, Chinese authorities have been erecting a so-called “Great Green Wall” of vegetation. In some areas, positive results are beginning to show. Our France 2 colleagues report, with FRANCE 24’s Ellen Gainsford. A programme prepared by Gaëlle Essoo, Laura Burloux and Claire Pryde Visit our website: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Tweets by France24_en Video Rating: / 5


  • Muhammad Tariq 1 year ago

    Im my Country Pakistan, Imran Khan done somewhat similar thing, growing on billion trees in five years and in a province, and won acknowledgement from WWF, Bone challenge and people too !!!

  • She Who Remembers 1 year ago

    Trees planted in rows does not an ecosystem make!

  • tragalfar Law 1 year ago

    why do they wear scarves like muslims?

  • Cl0ckcl0ck 1 year ago

    Cut down the trees, have loads of goats that eat the rest and voila deserts. Then blame CO2.

  • J and C Gaming 1 year ago

    How has a dictatorship bought in on this but the USA and Alberta (Canadian province) haven't ?

  • Avery S 1 year ago

    Crazy botch maligning China again. At least China is rehousing them! What do you want? For China to leave them to dead in the desert?

  • STK K 1 year ago

    Does no one understand that it's the soil that is preventing a landside from desertification? It's a desert because the soil was getting washed away. Not trees. I doubt that these trees grow big enough to prevent the country from desertification. Soil is needet to keep water and nutrients in the ground. I only can see sand. If it works, there must be an extremly high amount of water permanently going into this "green wall", which can't be extracted and delivered in enviroment friedly ways. And if the trees keep growing like expected after all, there has to be more time to create a ground soil. Maybe 200 years. Idk. I think this project won't last after human leave it to its own.

  • Seeker of Gnosis 1 year ago

    A lack of ground cover will result in the soil becoming dry and hot. When the soil is hot any rainfall will be heated up when it lands on the ground and will evaporate in a day. Any Gardener knows how important mulch is for soil to retain its carbon and water.

  • Carlos Cruz 1 year ago

    China super potencia Mundial. A nivel Mundial. En todos Los aspectos. Grandiosa China..

  • Bob Son 1 year ago

    China is the mirror of nike slogan "just do it" hehehehe

  • Brandon Bryant 1 year ago

    Dust bowl V2

  • Liam Fisher 1 year ago

    Thanks, Mao.

  • William Traylor 1 year ago

    1. Plants need water to grow.
    2. Plants need clean water to grow.
    3. 3/5ths of all China's water is "unsafe for human consumption"
    4. It's a desert because China built a 10-trillion-gallon dam that caused drought, catastrophic floods, and was so heavy, it slowed the earths rotation by 0.00006ms.

  • socrlax 1 year ago

    Funny to see how the root of their problems is actually their beloved Mao.

  • Holly 1 year ago

    Deforestation… just call it animal agriculture.

  • David 1 year ago

    Wow, lots of comments from Marxist idiots or Chinese government workers. How in the batshit crazy word is USA being brought up in this conversation? Especially in a negative way. USA had the same issue and fixed it in years not over 50+, it was called "The Dust Bowl".

    Butthurt Commies always jealous of American vigor and ingenuity. I guess when Socialism gives you a minimum wage of $0.50 and no free speech…

  • Qi Zhang 1 year ago

    im from that desert area. when i was in school, every spring, our school would organize every student to plant trees. and in some serious place, grazing and farming is forbided

  • Qi Zhang 1 year ago

    china is the only country whose forest area is increasing. chinese government spent lots of money in builting woods

  • In the USA, if the rich are not impacted, it's not a real problem.

  • riftalope 1 year ago

    They should add humanure into the plan.

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