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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Social links: Instagram: Email: Depop: @chanelette Siren candles Vita collection video View this post on Instagram A celebration of life, all that it brings and the body that carries us throughout, VITA is inspired by the beauty, strength and resilience of the female body. Available to buy now on our website – link in bio ✨ Thank you to @stylemesunday @wolfishglow @emmabreschi @emmahoareau @rebecca.munroe A post shared by DAISY LONDON (@daisy_jewellery) on May 17, 2020 at 8:06am PDT Daisy London ‘Vita’ collection Aphrodite necklace Maia ring Daisy London x Estée Lalonde snake chain necklace Hoops Ring Vans Old Skool shoes Velym set Deimantės Kazėnaitės Rinkinys Music: Justinas Jarutis ‘Tavęs’ Heavs ‘Forever’ Filming Equipment: Canon 70D Rode mic Video Rating: / 5


  • devorah ann 1 month ago

    The ring you bought to remind you of your grandfather and the story behind it are really beautiful, Ieva xx

  • Just Watching Youtube 1 month ago

    totally agree with you mcdonalds fries are THE BEST!

  • sarahthegr8er 1 month ago

    Love the car vlog. No disrespect but I think dessert is spelled with 2 s’s. I always remember it because it’s so delicious that you need an extra ‘s’ haha

  • Chel Tampoy 1 month ago

    Hi can you do the Dunkin donuts breakfast mukbang ?

  • senioritta1000 1 month ago

    Eva please do a nail design tutorial-its cool

  • Agne B. 1 month ago

    Opening package while waiting at a red light. Girl, you must be so brave. You literally posted a video evidence of yourself breaking the law 😉

  • Dorela Roxana Tanase 1 month ago

    lovely vlog! carefull with the diy mirror, it releases toxicity in your apartment and it can also affect Dorian 🙁

  • Elisabeth V 1 month ago

    Loved this vlog. I have been watching you from the days you had braces, and it is SO cool to see you being a grown-up badass woman now! Go Ieva

  • Emily Edberg 1 month ago

    I am in love with your vlogs. Your style and jewelry are gorgeous by the way!!

  • skylilly1 1 month ago

    Pixie on the glow looks pretty convenient. It perked your cheeks right up. lol The Daisy rings are super cute! It was so nice of your Grandpa to gift his grandkids. Mine did the same. The ring you chose is really nice. A staple. Dorian is loving frolicking in the tall grasses, how cute. :)I like the retro type music lately and recently subbed to a retro channel. Good vibe.

  • Julia Nitchman 1 month ago

    outfit is such a vibe

  • CathyDiaz206 Diaz 1 month ago

    I love succulents. Recently been buying planter boxes and making arrangements using variety of different succulents. I love Olive trees but mine gave me horrible hay fever. Love your cooking segments.

  • ananans 1 month ago

    Where is your boyfriend?
    I like your vlogs

  • intojuly 1 month ago

    Loved the vlog, thank you 🙂

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