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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Carnations Beginner How to Draw and Watercolor step by step! We are doodling and painting with watercolors. Carnations were one of the top 4 flowers picked by my community- I had to do this one as it is a favorite.  This lesson helps you learn how to draw complicated looking things in an easy step by step way. I hope to share my love drawing and doodling all kinds of real and fantasy flowers. Join us on this fun doodle journey. Enjoy a relaxing time for Older Teens and Adult Beginners.  #flowers #Relaxing #wildroses   Materials: Just Paper and Pen Watercolor, watercolor pencils, brush pens whatever you want to use to decorate your doodles! Answer the Question for the Drawing! Fill in the Form: This is is a fun drawing for the Card I am creating today during the video – Entries will be accepted until July 12, 2020. Good Luck! Free patterns and templates on my Website:  If you are looking for a fun little creative community where you get some fun free stuff like coloring sheets, reference photos, private contests for patron-only postcards and such  😍 Join my PATREON 😍- for as little as a month Support my Channel – Super Chat or Donate  😍Thank you for your Help! Remember to: Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share!  MATERIALS I use for doodling in this video: 😍Shop My Deliberately Creative Amazon Affiliate Store: Eco Pens – Ultra fine tip 0.38: 10% ARTEZA DISCOUNT CODE: deliberatelycreative11 good through July 31, 2020 😍Arteza 24 Pan set Metallic Watercolors US:  😍Arteza 140lb Cold Pressed Acid-Free Watercolor Paper: US: Europe:  😍Arteza Watercolor Pencils USA: EUROPE:  😍Arteza Expert Colored Pencils USA: Europe:  😍Arteza Premium 12 Half […]


  • Scarlet Isbell 4 months ago

    Oh I can't wait to do the landscape!!! We have pretty white peonies here and my Mom just loves them. I got you from Alabama my friend. Great video!

  • Arianna Buffinet 4 months ago

    I love the simplicity of this. Most of the time “flower drawing tutorials” is always so specific and impossible to do lol. I love this art style so much ngl

  • Meg Otto 4 months ago

    I'm sorry that I missed you. It's very early here. Congratulations on your 96,000 viewers!!!

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